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Sections    Friday February 3rd, 2023
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Queen Creek staff members complete a Stop the Bleed course

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  • Stephanie Ingersoll   |   Queen Creek Unified School District

Teachers Learn How To Stop The Bleed.

The number one cause of death during an active shooter or hostile event is bleeding, which can be preventable. Stop the Bleed, which came about after the Sandy Hook tragedy, is a national awareness campaign that encourages bystanders to become trained, equipped, and empowered to help in a bleeding emergency before professional help arrives.

The American College of Surgeons Stop the Bleed program has trained over one million people worldwide. On Monday, January 27, more than 50 Queen Creek Unified (QCUSD) staff members completed the Stop the Bleed course. Stop the Bleed training was taught by firefighters from the Queen Creek Fire and Medical Department (QCFMD).

Firefighters first educated attendees on the types of bleeding they should look for: venous versus arterial. Venous bleeding is slow and dark in color. Arterial bleeding is bright red and comes out fast and in spurts.

Course attendees then learned the ABCs of stopping a bleeding emergency. The A stands for alert 911, the B stands for finding the bleed, and C stands for compression. Firefighters also showed course attendees best practices for applying pressure to a wound as well as how to use a tourniquet.

The last half of the Stop the Bleed course included a hands-on element. QCUSD staff members partnered up to practice applying tourniquets and to practice packing a wound.

After the 90 minute lesson, all attendees were given a certificate verifying that they successfully completed the Stop the Bleed course. Teachers and staff from Queen Creek Middle School completed the course earlier in the school year. Additionally, a group of students from Newell Barney Junior High School’s Health and Wellness team will be taking the course next month.

Queen Creek Fire and Medical says ultimately their goal is to get as many town residents and community members as possible trained in how to Stop the Bleed.

QCFMD offers a free Stop the Bleed training for the community each month. The next training will be held on Saturday, Feb. 22 from noon to 2 p.m. For more information or to sign up, visit QueenCreek.org/StopTheBleed.