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Sections    Thursday December 8th, 2022
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Prop. 208 Invest in Education Act pass rate

A Portion Of AZEdNews Infographic Portion Prop 208 Pass Rate By Muska Olumi / AZEdNews

The Invest in Education Act Initiative, also known as Prop. 208, was approved by voters by 51.75 percent, according to unofficial election results from the Arizona Secretary of State’s 2020 Elections webpage

Prop. 208 imposes a 3.5% individual income tax surcharge on taxable annual income above $250,000 per individual and $500,000 per couple. Additional funds are dedicated to public education; hiring and salary increases; career training and higher education pathway programs for high school students and the Arizona Teachers Academy.

“Prop. 208 passed with 51.75 percent of the vote. One of the things that I will note, though, is that I do think Prop. 208 had an impact on some of our other school issues,”  said Paul Bentz with HighGround Public Relations.

Prop. 208 Invest in Education Act pass rate Prop-208-Election-results-infographic-by-Muska-Olumi-AZEdNews-410x1024
AZEdNews infographic Prop. 208 Election results by Muska Olumi / AZEdNews