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Sections    Friday December 2nd, 2022
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Project HOLD Hands On Learning Delivered

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  • Mary Bruhn   |   Humboldt Unified School District

Bruhn Mary Project HOLD Grant Applicant

How will students be afforded hands-on learning opportunities, exploring science topics, while distance learning as part of a virtual classroom?

Project HOLD kits will provide the opportunity for student engagement during at-home learning. Kits will contain safe, basic household materials that perhaps not every student has available at home.

HOLD kit materials examples could include: zip-lock bags of varied sizes, string, aluminum foil, labels, index cards, rubber bands, coffee filters, wax paper, paper plates, straws, sugar packets, salt packets, balloons, coffee stirrers.

HOLD kits could be picked up at the school, as was done with other curricular materials during 1st qtr. learning this year. Parents would be informed how to use the kits and parents would sign a “safety contract” /user agreement.

This grant request would fund kits for ninety 7th grade learners at our school so that every student may experience hands-on learning.

Ninety 7th grade students will be provided with materials needed to complete Hands On Learning activities. Two Hundred dollars will purchase numerous household items to be used in science activities. The target group are learners who were very successful during 2nd qtr in-person learning completing hands-on learning activities in the classroom. The program will help these students continue to discover the wonders of science.

The materials purchased will supplement hands-on learning for 3rd & 4th quarter of the current academic year.

Hands On Learning Delivered is a creative way to continue science activities in the classroom and online learning will allow parents to pick up “science kits” at the school site along with other curricular material, as was done during 1st quarter learning August through October. Parents must sign a “safety contract”/user agreement.

Parents agree to be present when the student is conducting the experiment.
The Hands On Learning activities will give families a choice in how to be involved in each activity: as co-participant or as “playback” partner. Co-participants take part in the activity while a playback partner is an adult in the household who agrees to listen to the student retell the steps of the activity while explaining their newly acquired knowledge.

The Humboldt Unified School District’s website message is “Providing a comprehensive, world-class education for all students.” Removing one of the barriers of online-learning, (the lack of hands-on science activities) promotes a comprehensive education. Offering lab supply kits to students learning online provides the opportunity for ALL students to engage. World-class education incorporates communication, collaboration, creativity, and cooperation… each 21st skill to be practiced via science activities as part of the HOLD project.