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Physical therapy technician students complete program, find jobs easily

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  • Greg D'Anna/Pima County JTED

Students In PIMA JTED's Physical Therapy Technician Program Practice Lifting A Patient From A Sitting To A Standing Position So They Can Do Therapy Exercises. Photo Courtesy Pima JTED

On May 19, our second class of Physical Therapy Technician students celebrated the completion of their program with 619 other Pima JTED Central Campus students at the Tucson Convention Center Arena.

Instructor Kimberly McCroy says the majority of her 29 students from this year are already reporting back to her that they’ve found jobs in the industry.

Other students are starting college full time this fall to pursue careers as Physical Therapists or to work in a related field.

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, job growth for Physical Therapy Technicians will be much faster than average. Job openings in Arizona are expected to grow 34 percent between 2014 and 2024, and up to 39 percent nationwide.

PIMA JTED Video: PIMA JTED Physical Therapy Tech Program