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Sections    Saturday August 24th, 2019
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Phoenix Union High Schools prepare for beginning of classes

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  • Craig Pletenik/ Phoenix Union High School District

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Summer is over for Phoenix Union schools and the 2018-19 school year is just around the corner.   All schools are at full-service staffing for registration, counseling and other enrollment needs for students and parents, Monday through Friday.  The first day of school is Monday, August 6.

The Phoenix Union portfolio of 20 high schools includes 10 comprehensive campuses, a college and career magnet high school in Metro Tech, four specialty small schools, three support schools and two “micro” schools-within-a-school over a 220-square mile attendance zone.

New this year is the opening of the Academies at South.  South Mountain High School has been redesigned into four distinct college and career academies- Science & Technology, Public & Social Service, Aerospace & Engineering and Media, Arts & Design.  The Academies at South is in the midst of a $30 million construction and renovation project.

The District’s newest schools, Phoenix Union-Wilson College Preparatory and the Gifted and Talented Academy at Maryvale, will begin their second school years with sophomores and freshmen.  Phoenix Coding Academy will have its first junior class, as the school adds its third freshman class this year.

Many of the schools are holding Freshmen Orientation for incoming ninth-graders.  Students who have not yet registered can do so at that time.

Students new to the District may also enroll on-line at, but they will be required to present a birth certificate and immunization records in-person to complete the process.

Students, including out-of-district students, can “Open Enroll” at any of the District’s comprehensive high schools, including those that offer magnet programs or other specialized programs.

Small schools Bioscience, Franklin Police & Fire, Wilson, Phoenix Coding Academy, and Gifted and Talented Academy have other application requirements specific to each school.

Phoenix Union serves almost 28,000 high school students.  There are 35 Career and Technical Education programs across the District, 11 magnet programs and most campuses provide Evening School and online classes.

The District has extensive Exceptional Student (ESS) offerings and English as a Second Language, as well as comprehensive student support services.  PUHSD has a full array of visual and performing arts, as well as clubs, athletics and at 11 campuses, Army Junior ROTC.

Some 230 new (or new to Phoenix Union) teachers will participate in Certified Induction Experience, July 24-26.  Approximately 25 teacher vacancies remain. All teachers and nine-month employees report Monday, July 30. The District will hold its Opening of Schools Convocation, July 31 at Grand Canyon University Arena.   The 180-day instructional calendar begins Monday, August 6.

Phoenix Union has over 2800 employees, including over 1600 teachers and certified personnel.

Phoenix Union High Schools                                                                           

Academies at South                                                   5401 S. 7th St.                               (602) 764-5000

Alhambra                                                                    3839 W. Camelback Rd. (602) 764-6022

Trevor Browne                                                           7402 W. Catalina Dr.                    (602) 764-8500

Camelback                                                                   4612 N. 28th Street                        (602) 764-7000

Cesar Chavez                                                               3921 W. Baseline Rd., Laveen               (602) 764-4000

Central                                                                         4525 N. Central Ave.                    (602) 764-7500

Betty Fairfax                                                               8225 S. 59th Ave., Laveen              (602) 764-9000

Carl Hayden                                                                3333 W. Roosevelt St.                  (602) 764-3000

Maryvale                                                                     3415 N. 59th Ave.                           (602) 764-2000

Metro Tech                                                                  1900 W. Thomas Rd.                    (602) 764-8000

North                                                                            1101 E. Thomas Rd.                      (602) 764-6500

Small Specialty Schools

Bioscience                                                                    512 E. Pierce St.                             (602) 764-5600

Franklin Police & Fire                                                 1645 W. McDowell Rd.                (602) 764-0200

Phoenix Coding Academy #                                      4445 N. Central Ave.                    (602) 764-5700

Phoenix Union Wilson College Prep*                     3005 E. Fillmore St.                       (602) 764-9600

Support Schools

Linda Abril Educational Academy                            3000 N. 19th Ave.                         (602) 764-0050

Bostrom                                                                       3535 N. 27th Ave.                         (602) 764-1700

Desiderata                                                                   2920 N. 34th Drive                       (602) 764-0800

Micro Schools

Camelback Montessori College Prep                      4612 N. 28th Street                      (602) 764-7000

Gifted and Talented Academy at Maryvale*        3415 N. 59th Ave.                         (602) 764-2000


*Freshmen and sophomores only

# Coding Academy accepting 9th, 10th and 11th graders this year.


Phoenix Union 2018-19 School Calendar


First Semester
July 30-August 3                                           Teacher In-service
August 6                                                       Classes Begin
October 5                                                      End of First Term
October 7-12                                                 Fall Recess
December 18-20                                         Semester Exams
December 20                                               End of Second Term/First Semester


Second Semester

December 21 – January 4                            Winter Recess
January 7                                                      Classes Begin
March 8                                                        End of Third Term
March 11-15                                                Spring Recess
May 17                                                           Senior Exams
May 21-22                                                    Semester Exams
May 22                                                           180th Day/Last Day of Classes
May 22-23                                                     Graduation Days
May 24                                                          End of Fourth Term/Second Semester

Holidays: September 3-Labor Day; November 12-Veterans Day; November 22-23-Thanksgiving Break; January 21-MLK/Civil Rights Day; February 18- Presidents’ Day; April 1-Cesar Chavez Day.