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Peoria Education Foundation awards 21 scholarships

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  • Erin Dunsey/Peoria Unified School District

From Left To Right: Against All Odds Scholarship Recipients Pedro “Peter” Guzman And Luis Martinez From Peoria High School. Photo Courtesy Of Peoria Unified School District

The Peoria Education Foundation awarded $15,700 in scholarships to Peoria Unified high school seniors in two different categories: Community Service and Against All Odds.

The Peoria Education Foundation Community Service scholarship program recognizes the efforts of selected high school students who have demonstrated academic excellence and a strong commitment to the community.

Peoria Education Foundation awards 21 scholarships PEFScholarshipsHP

From left to right: Against All Odds scholarship recipients Pedro “Peter” Guzman and Luis Martinez from Peoria High School. Photo courtesy of Peoria Unified School District

Each of the recipients contributed more than 60 hours of community service and plans to continue their education.

The following students received a $500 Community Service scholarship from the Peoria Education
• Kylee Burgess, Centennial High School
• My Dinh, Peoria High School
• Jairaj Mehta, Sunrise Mountain High School
• Troy Penny, Centennial High School
• Krishnaa Pradhan, Liberty High School
• Sydney Van Horn, Liberty High School
The Peoria Education Foundation Against All Odds scholarship program recognizes Peoria Unified high school seniors who have overcome adversity and tremendous obstacles.

They successfully completed their graduation requirements and plan to continue their education.

The following students received an Against All Odds scholarship from the Peoria Education
• Sarah Corbett, Liberty High School
• Olivia Davis, Peoria High School
• Kiersten George, Sunrise Mountain High School
• Mirna George, Peoria High School
• Pedro Guzman, Peoria High School
• Adrian Higares, Peoria High School
• Fatemah Jabbar, Peoria High School
• Gaige Johnson, Peoria High School
• Hila Luke, Liberty High School
• Luis Martinez, Peoria High School
• Michael Mellody, Ironwood High School
• Andrea Robinson, Peoria Transition Center
• Taylor Ross, Cactus High School
• Victoria Sommer, Centennial High School
• Ashlyn Zieba, Centennial High School
The Peoria Education Foundation, founded in 1987, is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization with a mission to support and enrich education in the Peoria Unified School District.

The Foundation assists Peoria Unified educators and students by raising money to fund instructional initiatives, projects and scholarships.