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Palm Valley students win award for classroom web design

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  • Ann Donohue/Litchfield Elementary School District

Mrs. Brenda Turnen’s 3rd Grade class at Palm Valley Elementary participated in the 2014 Global Virtual Classroom Web Design Contest. 

This contest provides students with an opportunity to develop skills that are essential in the 21st century; cross-cultural communication, collaboration, information technology and web design.

The students used Edmodo to communicate with their partner school in India to develop a website on Toys and Games.

The students researched, shared information and designed their pages online.

This was a wonderful collaboration and great way to teach the students about how truly small our global world can be. 

Please see the website below for the Toys and Games website with pictures of our PVE students communicating with their partner school in India.

Click for Toys and Games website.

There were 21 teams of schools from around the world that submitted websites.  There were 10 schools that participated in the primary school category and 11 teams at the secondary school category.  

Palm Valley Elementary received two special merit awards for creativity and multimedia use with this website.