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Sections    Tuesday December 6th, 2022
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Online high school hosts first-ever in-person prom

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  • Angela Menninger   |   ASU Prep Digital

ASU Prep Digital Students Take Part In The Online High School's First-ever, In-person Prom. Photo Courtesy ASU Prep Digital

Let’s talk prom – one of the most coveted high school events for so many of us through the years. Over the decades, the music, dress styles and hairdos may have changed, but prom is prom. Or at least it was. Now that non-traditional learning has become more mainstream, kids in online programs are finding ways to celebrate the same rites of passage as their peers in the traditional school system.

Academic and social clubs are the norm for ASU Prep Digital students who want to connect outside their online classrooms, but now, the school just added a way for kids to make high school memories: The first-ever ASU Prep Digital Prom which was held last Friday, May 13 at Warehouse 215 in Phoenix.

ASU Prep Digital video: Online high school hosts first in-person prom

Open to all ASU Prep Digital students (grades 9 through 12), the prom was the first time many of the students ever met in person. In fact, students traveled from all over – even one particular student traveled nearly four hours just to attend the fun.

Upon arrival, there was certainly plenty of typical prom fanfare, with DJ music, refreshments and activities. However, there’s one more notable difference from a traditional prom; a Prom King and Prom Queen were crowned following a raffle, rather than popular vote.

Online high school hosts first-ever in-person prom Screen-Shot-2022-05-16-at-6.33.50-PM
ASU Prep Digital students take part in the online high school’s first-ever, in-person prom. Photo courtesy ASU Prep Digital