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October’s Festive Fall Fun

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Statistics In Schools

Prepare for fall festivities as we welcome in the new season this month with resources from the Statistics in Schools (SIS) program. Expanding your students’ worldview just got easier with the many “World” observances happening this month. Our featured activities and resources make special observances come alive with nuggets of real-life data that enhance and reinforce comprehension of mathematical concepts like statistics.

World Teacher’s Day – October 5

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Teacher’s Guide to Data Access Tools

Whether you are a classroom teacher or a parent/caregiver instructing a child at home, we want to give you tools you can use to help make a difference in your student(s) understanding of statistics. Our Teacher’s Guide to Data Access Tools outlines the perfect databases for students of different grade levels to use for finding Census Bureau facts on housing, population, age, sex, race, geography, and much more.

What’s even better? We took it a step further to provide you with activities that utilize the Census Bureau’s data access tools so that students get hands-on experience with the technology. As an educator, you don’t need to have prior statistics or IT knowledge to teach with these tools which are well suited for a virtual learning experience.

World Food Day—October 16

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Bon appetit! Did you know there were 253,841 fast food restaurants in the United States in 2018? Help students discover the number of fast food restaurants in your state using the State Facts for Students tool. What will you be eating on World Food Day?

Done with the main course? Take a look at the number of ice cream makers, candy and nut stores in your state.

World Statistics Day, Oct. 20

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Why Statistics?

It’s World Statistics Day, so let’s talk about statistics. Start your lessons with a video that asks Why Statistics? This video answers the question of why we study statistics in the first place and what statistics do for us in the real world. Next, select an activity by grade or subject to enhance student understanding of statistics and better prepare them for today’s data-driven world.

Boo! Are You Spooked for Halloween?

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How many places in the U.S. have spooky names? Find out in our Halloween Fun Facts coming later this month! Discover spooky-sounding places and the number of potential trick-or-treaters. The handout comes with a complimentary teaching guide full of activity ideas.