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Nicole Larson Cactus Shadows High School Class of 2018 Letters as a US Equestrian Athlete

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  • Julia Scotto/Cave Creek Unified School District

Nicole Larson Cactus Shadows High School Class Of 2018 
Letters As A US Equestrian Athlete. Photo Courtesy Cave Creek Unified.

Dr. Steve Bebee, principal of Cactus Shadows High School, would like to congratulate Nicole (Nikki) Larson for lettering in the US Equestrian Athlete Lettering Program.  Nicole is pictured here with her beloved horse, Noble Hunter, who is a 3x USEF National Horse of the Year due to her incredible riding abilities.  Nicole lettered all 4 years of high school with US Equestrian.

Nicole Larson Cactus Shadows High School Class of 2018  Letters as a US Equestrian Athlete Nicole-Larson-240x300

Nicole Larson Cactus Shadows High School Class of 2018
Letters as a US Equestrian Athlete. Photo courtesy Cave Creek Unified.

In their letter, Sara Beth Hollowed, Director of National Affiliates US Equestrian wrote, “Participants in the program must be students in grades 5-12 who document at least 100 hours of training and provide verification of participation in three equestrian competitions during the year. After completing these requirements and verification, the student will receive a certificate commemorating their achievements, a varsity letterman patch and lapel pin for each year of participation.”

The letter went on to say, “US Equestrian is the National Governing Body for Equestrian Sports in the United States, sanctioned by the United States Olympic Committee pursuant to the Ted Stevens Olympic and Amateur Sports Act. As such, US Equestrian acts as the regulatory body for the International and Olympic disciplines, as well as for 26 breeds and disciplines. US Equestrian is further responsible for sanctioning approximately 2,600 equestrian competitions annually; and educating and licensing judges, technical delegates, and stewards who officiate at such competitions. The US Equestrian Athlete Lettering Program encompasses young equestrians involved in all breeds and disciplines from the grassroots to international competitions.”

Dr. Bebee said, “Having our high school in a community that has many opportunities for students, who are also horseback riders and participate in a variety of horsemanship competitions, adds a new element for our students to be involved in their school. Nikki has lettered all 4 years at Cactus Shadows High School, a first for our school and I would like to wish Nikki Larson well.”