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The Arizona Education News Service is a resource for essential data and reports on education topics including achievement, funding, policy and reform, and legislative and legal issues. Use the filter tool to sort by topic or view reports chronologically from most recent.

Safer School Supplies: Shopping Guide

August 9, 2018
With this Safer School Supplies: Shopping Guide, parents, teachers, and students can make more informed decisions while shopping for school supplies this season. We want to give parents and teachers the option to choose school supplies that do not contain…

Taking Teacher Coaching To Scale

August 15, 2018
Does one-to-one coaching help teachers get better? Our analysis of results from across 60 studies found that coaching works. With coaching, the quality of teachers’ instruction improves by as much as—or more than—the difference in effectiveness between a novice and…

Reading and Writing Instruction in America’s Schools

August 10, 2018
Reading and Writing Instruction in America’s Schools, authored by Fordham’s senior research and policy associate David Griffith and FDR Group’s Ann Duffett, suggests real progress in implementing state ELA standards, but also—like the baseline 2013 report—real cause for concern. For…

How Much Do You Know About Science Instruction?

August 8, 2018
This quiz is sponsored by National Science Teachers Association (NSTA). Education Week has full editorial control of content. Question #1: True or False: According to the 2015 National Assessment of Education Progress, gaps are increasing between black and Hispanic students and their white…

6 Things to Know About School Recess

August 6, 2018
Recent U.S. education reform has focused on defining and raising the subject-matter standards students are expected to meet. In order to get their students up to snuff, schools are extending the school day and putting more and more emphasis on…
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