National Solar Observatory/NASA to Do Remote Observing at Cienega High School
Sections    Saturday March 28th, 2020
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National Solar Observatory does remote observing at Cienega High School

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  • Natalie Luna Rose/Vail School District

The McMath-Pierce Solar Telescope Located On Kitt Peak, Arizona Is The Largest Solar Telescope In The World.

A Vail School District senior will be part of remote telescope observing session with the National Solar Observatory on November 5 at Cienega High School, starting at 2pm.

Nick Irving, a senior at Cienega High School, is currently interning with the National Solar Observatory (NSO).

National Solar Observatory does remote observing at Cienega High School KittPeakSolarTelescopeHP

The McMath-Pierce Solar Telescope located on Kitt Peak, Arizona is the largest solar telescope in the world.

He has been working on a project, taking data using a new infrared camera system at the solar telescope on Kitt Peak.

As a culmination for this project , Nick and NSO scientist Matt Penn will do a couple of hours of remote observing from the Cienega campus using a laptop, starting at 2:00pm.

This will help the staff at Kitt Peak  work with telescopes to have remote observing capability by 2018.

This system, installed by NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center is unique in the world, with a collaboration with Brazil in the works.

This data will hopefully used in a future research.