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Sections    Saturday August 24th, 2019
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Mural at Flagstaff school celebrates all students

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  • Karin Eberhard/ Flagstaff Unified School District

Mount Elden Middle School Students Depicted In The Mural With Their Art Teachers And The Mural Mice. Photo Courtesy Of Flagstaff Unified School District

A new school mural at Mount Elden Middle School in Flagstaff that art teachers, students and the Mural Mice created celebrates all the students on campus.

The amazing art piece titled “Gallery of Life” at Mount Elden Middle School was a collaboration with the two art teachers, Laura Abrams and Alyson Bottke, 200 students and Mural Mice. All academies are represented  and participated in the effort to create unity among the school.

“This project was an absolute joy to help organize, structure and lead as an art teacher at MEMS,” said Alyson Bottke.”Our students have tremendous creativity, skill and mastery of various techniques that enabled this mural to be painted during 13 school days.”

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Students, art teachers and the Mural Mice painting the mural at Mount Elden Middle School. Photo courtesy Flagstaff Unified School District

“I loved seeing how it began with brainstorming with all the art classes, the students and staff voted on which of the 10 sketches was to be the final draft, next they began griding out the walls to scale up from 1 inch to 1 foot, outlining the sketches in black paint, begin filling in the space, detail work and finally laying down some ‘mouse drool’ over the entire image to seal up the finished product,”  Bottke said.

Mural Mice were very excited to create this art work.

“This was an incredibly enjoyable project for us to lead with the students. Mural arts teach more than just painting, they teach students how to work as a team and take an active role to beautify their school and giving to their community, ” says Margaret Dewar from Mural Mice.

This piece of art is truly a reflection of the students and programs offered at MEMS and will be valued for years to come. Congratulations to all involved in this!