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Mountain Ridge High School students participate in mock trial tournament

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  • Tara Daley/Mountain Ridge High School

Congratulations To All Of The Students Who Took Part In The Regional Mock Trial Tournament At Maricopa Superior Court On March 4!

Congratulations to all of the students who took part in the regional Mock Trial tournament at Maricopa Superior Court on March 4!

There were stellar performances by the following students

  • Shiv Shah
  • Lindsey Foster
  • Shivani Vaidya
  • Jalan Tipirneni
  • Hasina Shir
  • Maahi Goel
  • Veena Raghuraman
  • Raiena Shin
  • Brenna Samenfink

As well as our court artist Grace Diaz.

The team displayed their passion, hard work and ability to work as a team during their four trials. Congratulations on your first team effort at regionals!

We are so delighted to extend our congratulations to everyone involved in Saturday’s regional mock trial tournaments!!! …

Posted by Mock Trial Arizona Alumni on Monday, March 6, 2017