Mountain Ridge high launches mentoring program
Sections    Sunday July 21st, 2019
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Mountain Ridge high launches mentoring program

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  • Debbie Moore/Deer Valley Unified School District

Mountain Valley High Mentors

Mountain Ridge High School has begun a comprehensive mentoring program for all freshmen starting at the Glendale school this year.

The purpose of the program is to provide freshmen students a positive experience as they transition into high school, while also building better connections among all grade levels.

Several social, academic and community service activities are planned for both mentors and freshman throughout the school year in an effort to foster long term friendships between the groups.

Tara Daley, one of the program sponsors, stated “The school has always been about respecting the Ridge, but this year the emphasis is to respect and demonstrate empathy for others by creating more opportunities for students to connect to their school and peers.  We know that by implementing a freshmen mentoring program a culture of caring will transpire.”

One hundred and twenty-seven Mountain Ridge student mentors were selected for this program last year through a teacher nomination process.

Student mentors demonstrate strong leadership skills, be energetic, self-motivated and act as positive role models for academic success.

Over the summer, the student mentors had the opportunity to participate in a training where they created their own mission statement for the program.

They learned about the skills necessary to be a mentor, which included building trust, being reliable, and demonstrating good listening skills.

The mentors also had to learn about how to deal with a variety of real-life scenarios their mentees may encounter in everyday situations at Mountain Ridge

Mentors worked diligently in committees to plan the Freshmen First Day of School.

Although mentors joined committees that supported their individual strengths and areas of interest, each committee collaborated under the direction of an elected student leader to make their contribution to the event a success.

Mentors were matched up with five to ten incoming freshmen students who they would support throughout the school year.

With over 600 freshmen students attending Mountain Ridge High School for the 2016-2017 school year, sponsors for the mentoring program were pleased that there were over 400 freshmen who attended the Freshmen First Day event.

The Freshmen First Day event was an excellent introduction to this year-long program.

Lisette Romero, also a sponsor of the program, stated: “Our first year of the Mentoring program has been exciting!  We have so many upper-classmen that want to help our freshmen and it has been a positive experience! With such a strong group of beginning students, our program will be sure to continue in the future.”

Mountain Ridge high launches mentoring program Mentors-300x225“And, as we get more organized, we can have even more events in the future to help all of our students, both upper and underclassmen benefit from this program!”

Not only is Mountain Ridge High School home to this innovative freshmen mentoring program, but it is also an A+ School of Excellence.

Mountain Ridge prides itself by promoting Academics, Arts, and Athletics while simultaneously creating an environment where all students have the opportunity to be successful.

Mountain Ridge advocates for college and career readiness through our signature Career and Technical Education program, as well as through our numerous Advanced Placement and Dual-enrollment course selections.

By creating opportunities for students to collaborate with their peers, work with cutting-edge technology each day and discover their career interests, Mountain Ridge students are better prepared to excel in a competitive global arena after they graduate.

The school is located at 22800 N. 67th Avenue in Glendale.  To find out more about this extraordinary school, visit the website.