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More information about ESSER II funding

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  • Dr. Chuck Essigs   |   Arizona Association of School Business Officials

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The Arizona Department of Education [ADE] is scheduled to release ESSER II funding amounts for LEAs [Districts and Charters] shortly around the middle of February.

Since, ESSER II funding is over $1.1 billion the statewide allocations will be significantly over the ESSER I funding amounts.

However, we suggest that you be cautious using unofficial estimates in making budget decisions or sharing estimates on the amount of funding that might be available. 

 If the estimate was greater than the actual allocation you may be asked what changed and why is the funding being reduced. 

If the estimate was less than what will actually be available you may be  asked what caused the actual funding to be increased and did you use a low estimate on purpose.

ADE will share the actual funding amounts and application process in the near future as soon as final numbers and final application details are available.