Sections    Friday March 22nd, 2019
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Mesa Public Schools is hiring bus drivers

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  • Lynda Jordan/Mesa Public Schools

We’re hiring and training school bus drivers. Driving a school bus is a great part-time job for adults, 21 and older, including college students. Complete the easy online application. 

Summer hiring flier

The national award-winning Transportation Department of Mesa Public Schools is hiring and training prospective school bus drivers.

Successful applicants earn . . .

•  $12.83 an hour as trainees this summer
•  $13.13 when certified

New members of the MPS Transportation team .  . . 

•  receive their commercial driver’s licenses and school bus driver certification
•  work flexible hours
•  wear uniforms provided free of charge by Mesa Public Schools
•  have fun, and get paid for it

Read the job description, and complete the easy online application. For complete information, call 480-308-7571.