Mesa High and Skyline students earn full scholarships to Emory and Stanford universities
Sections    Wednesday June 19th, 2019
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Mesa High, Skyline students earn full scholarships to Emory, Stanford

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Skyline Student Azhp

Miranda Krist and Bailey Jayes were named QuestBridge National College Match Scholarship recipients. Only 657 students nationwide were awarded the scholarship this year.

Mesa High senior Miranda Krist and Skyline senior Bailey Jayes have received the QuestBridge National College Match Scholarship. The program links high-achieving, low-income students with admission and full scholarships to QuestBridge partner colleges. Find out more about Miranda and Bailey below in their own words.


Mesa High, Skyline students earn full scholarships to Emory, Stanford mirandakristqb

Name: Miranda Krist
High school: Mesa High School
Match school: Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia
Future plans: I plan on studying nursing. Right now my initial goal is to become a registered nurse. I’d like to specialize in an area, but I’m not sure which one yet. I expect that exposure to different types of medical knowledge and practices at Emory may spark an interest. Depending on where my new knowledge and interests take me, I may attend grad school. I’ve given some thought about returning to the valley and working as a nurse in a hospital setting, but I’ve also dreamed about going somewhere different and practicing in a new place. I guess nothing is set in stone, but I’m not completely lost! Wherever I end up, and whatever I’m doing, I hope to someday have my own family.
Advice to freshmen: Don’t be afraid of making mistakes, and always put forth your best effort. Most of what I have learned in my life (socially, emotionally and educationally) has been by making mistakes. That’s how I learn best. But I’ve found that because I worked hard, my teachers are always willing to work with me when I do mess up or don’t understand something. Good work ethic reaps good rewards. Make mistakes, ask questions, and then do the thing until you do it right.



Mesa High, Skyline students earn full scholarships to Emory, Stanford baileyjayesqb2Name: Bailey Jayes
High school: Skyline High School
Match school: Stanford University in Stanford, California
Future plans: For the longest time I was firm in wanting to study computer science, but my experience in We the People this year has motivated me to consider something closer to political science or law. After college I would love to be part of a startup in Silicon Valley with friends I meet at Stanford.
How Mesa Public Schools helped in his journey: The amazing staff of Mesa Public Schools opened up all of the vibrant opportunities that led me to where I am today. The caring and passionate teachers kept me interested and involved in class, always wanting to learn. The advisors made sure I was preparing for college and staying on top of college and scholarship applications. I even had the chance to work with the district’s information systems department my senior year, obtaining work experience and computer knowledge for my future.


(Photos by Tim Hacker/Mesa Public Schools)