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Meet the 2015 Rodel Exemplary Teachers

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  • Rodel Foundation of Arizona

The 2015 Rodel Exemplary Teachers From Left To Right. Top Row: Brittany Betterton, Rebecca Cardon, Rosanne Carlson, Katrina Collins, Martha Daniels, And Zenaida Estrada. Bottom Row: Jennifer Hollenbeck, Stephanie Lund, Brianna Maxwell, Sylvia Miller, Nancy Rhode And Marnie Robles.

The Rodel Foundation of Arizona is proud to announce that 12 outstanding Arizona educators have been named 2015 Rodel Exemplary Teachers.

These teachers, representing the best in the state, will each be asked to mentor high-potential student teachers from Arizona colleges of education.

Meet the 2015 Rodel Exemplary Teachers RodelExemplaryTeachersWinners2015Inside

The 2015 Rodel Exemplary Teachers from left to right. Top row: Brittany Betterton, Rebecca Cardon, Rosanne Carlson. Second row: Jennifer Hollenbeck, Stephanie Lund, Brianna Maxwell. Third row: Katrina Collins, Martha Daniels, and Zenaida Estrada. Fourth row: Sylvia Miller, Nancy Rhodes and Marnie Robles.

What sets the Rodel Teacher Initiative apart from typical student teaching programs is that mentor teachers are selected based on their outstanding student achievement in high‐need schools, their ability to mentor new teachers, and the recommendation of their principals and Rodel’s observation team. This ensures that student teachers are learning from the best.

In addition, Rodel provides further training and support to both mentors and student teachers to assure Rodel Graduates start their careers as outstanding educators.

Here are this year’s Rodel Exemplary Teachers:

Click on each individual teacher’s name to view their full profile.

Brittany Betterton, kindergarten teacher at Elvira Elementary in the Sunnyside Unified District

Rebecca Cardon, third grade teacher at Sturgeon Cromer Elementary in the Flagstaff Unified District

Rosanne Carlson, third grade teacher at Porter Elementary in  Mesa Public Schools

Katrina Collins, first grade teacher at Lura Kinsey Elementary in the Flagstaff Unified District

Martha Daniels, eighth grade math teacher at Ruth Fisher Elementary in the Saddle Mountain Unified District

Zenaida Estrada, second grade teacher at Mitchell Elementary in the Isaac Elementary District

Jennifer Hollenbeck, second grade teacher at Westwood Primary in the Alhambra Elementary District

Stephanie Lund, third grade teacher at William C. Jack Elementary in the Glendale Elementary District

Brianna Maxwell, second grade teacher at Laguna Elementary in the Flowing Wells Unified District

Sylvia Miller, fifth grade teacher at Western Valley Elementary in the Fowler Elementary District

Nancy Rhodes, sixth grade special education teacher at Palomino Intermediate in the Paradise Valley Unified District

Marnie Robles, first grade teacher at Cavett Elementary in the Tucson Unified District

Rodel congratulates all of this year’s Exemplary Teachers, finalists, semifinalists and candidates. Their commitment to educating Arizona’s children and driving student achievement has put them at the head of the class among Arizona teachers.