MASK Launches Multi-Tiered Mentoring in Elementary Schools
Sections    Sunday May 19th, 2019
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MASK launches multi-tiered mentoring in elementary schools

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Carminati Elementary School Student Government - Photo Provided By MASK

MASK (Mothers Awareness on School-age Kids) launches a year-long mulit-tiered peer-to-peer program, the MASK Academy, in several valley elementary schools.

The MASK Academy approach recommends three  E3 (Engage, Educate, Empower) lessons for elementary-age students taught by Arizona State University college students who have been trained and certified to become i.m.(POWER) mentors.

The i.m(POWER) mentors facilitate three E3 lessons per year based on one of three categories; Relational Development, Digital Solutions and Health and Wellness.

The three presentations are conducted in the fall, winter and spring. Following each lesson, the i.m.(POWER) mentor returns to the school to train elementary student government representatives to present fun, interactive reinforcement activities in each classroom.

Reinforcements include whole-school climate building activities as well as classroom-based activities. Each E3 lesson’s coordinating, easy-to-implement reinforcement activity aligns with educational standards.

This multi-tiered peer-to-peer approach begins with college-age students teaching and mentoring elementary students, after which the elementary student government representatives ultimately teach and mentor their peers.

Each E3 lesson is executed every 3 months and is followed by two reinforcement activities, providing the school with a MASK lesson or reinforcement activity every month throughout the academic year.

Thanks to training from the i.m.(POWER) mentors, the student government representatives serve as positive role models for their peers.

They become great leaders, teachers and mentors who commit to a full academic year of reinforcing important social-emotional learning skills to their student body.

Each student government teams efforts will be recognized in the “Star Student’ section of the award-winning MASK The Magazine.

MASK launches multi-tiered mentoring in elementary schools AZHP-new-300x152

Carminati Elementary School Student Government – Photo Provided by MASK

This year, MASK was proud to execute the MASK Academy in 5 elementary schools; Carminati Elementary School in the Tempe Elementary School District, Lakeview Elementary School in the Washington Elementary School District, Liberty Elementary School in the Paradise Valley Unified School District, Quail Run Elementary School in the Paradise Valley Unified School District and Sunrise Elementary School in the Deer Valley Unified School District.

“It was a pleasure to work with each school’s student government team,” said Michelle Hayes, MASK Program Specialist, “and witness improved key lesson learning, enriched confidence and enhanced social-emotional skills among the mentors and students.”
To learn more about MASK Academy, please visit or call 480-502-5337.