MASK builds and strengthens life skills for children
Sections    Tuesday September 22nd, 2020
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MASK builds and strengthens life skills for children

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  • Michelle Cardini/Mothers Awareness on School-Age Kids


MASK (Mothers Awareness on School-age Kids) is building and strengthening life skills in children through the MASK E3 Institute, a comprehensive year-long, multi-year approach.

MASK is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization that provides solutions to the modern day challenges families face. From bullying to substance abuse and the lack of self-esteem, no family or zip code is immune.

MASK’s mission is to engage and educate parents, children and the community on issues facing youth today and to empower children to make safe, healthy choices.

Our approach educates children from kindergarten through college.

MASK delivers the E3 Institute in schools throughout the valley.

The E3 Institute includes MASK Academy for elementary students; MASK Prep for middle and high school students; MASK Leadership – a peer-to-peer college mentor program; and Parent University – parent workshops for parents of students all ages.

This year, MASK is implementing the MASK Academy in many elementary schools in Arizona.

The MASK Academy is a multi-modal approach and is unique in that it teaches children through storytelling, music, movement, mindfulness and science, reaching a deeper level of retention for children.

The E3 Institute educates on the modern-day challenges families face, such as peer pressure, digital safety, self-esteem and substance abuse, among many others.

MASK builds and strengthens life skills for children Mask-2-446x1024Unlike other prevention programs, MASK is more than just one presentation.

Our three-year long approach features three E3 lessons per year based on three categories; relational development, digital solutions and health and wellness.

By delivering three yearly presentations based on these three categories, MASK is able to lay a foundation on which to continue to build upon.

In partnership with Arizona State University, MASK has launched MASK Leadership to train and certify University students to lead as MASK Mentors.

MASK Mentors facilitate the MASK Academy in schools and serve as role models to elementary students.

This Leadership program was implemented as a response to studies and research that show the effectiveness of peer-to-peer mentoring.

Every parent and child who attends a MASK E3 Institute program is given a complimentary issue of MASK The Magazine, an award-winning parenting manual offering solutions to the modern-day challenges families face.

This quarterly publication is a convenient way for families to stay up-to-date on issues facing youth.

MASK is building a legacy of strong, healthy families through the MASK E3 Institute and MASK The Magazine.