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Sections    Tuesday May 21st, 2019
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Maricopa Community Colleges Foundation announces acquisition of The Veterans Directory

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  • Mary O'Connor/Maricopa Community Colleges Foundation

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To expand its long history of supporting veterans and their transition from military to civilian life, Maricopa Community Colleges Foundation has acquired the Veterans Directory (TVD), a comprehensive resource of organizations that assist veterans. This acquisition supports the Foundation’s on-going support of the 650,000 veteran men and women who are current Arizona citizens.

The Foundation launched the Veteran Success Project in 2015, an initiative to raise $14 million dollars to provide veterans with the necessities to successfully transition from military to civilian life.  Since its launch in 2015, this project has raised more than $600,000 and has funded the West Valley Veteran’s Center, scheduled to be completed in May 2017. The center will provide assistance to veterans in finding affordable housing, transportation as well as counseling support for career, education and health care services.

TVD was launched in 2015 in Phoenix to provide access to a comprehensive, free online directory that empowers veterans and their families with online health and wellness, education, employment, and entrepreneurial resources without requiring a login or password.

The two organizations share a common mission to support veterans as they begin their lifelong transition from military service into civilian life.  By joining forces, both organizations can provide even greater support to veterans, offering more pathways to success.   

Learn more about the Foundation’s Veteran Success Project here and The Veterans Directory here


The Maricopa Community Colleges Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization designated by the Maricopa Community College District to receive and manage gifts on behalf of its ten colleges. The Foundation actively seeks contributions from a variety of public and private sources including individuals, corporations and other foundations. It acts as a trustee for donations to assure that gifts are distributed in the manner specified by the donor.

The Veterans Directory (TVD) is an organization created for veterans, by veterans and supporters to provide them a comprehensive directory of services. Founded in Phoenix, Arizona, TVD identified the need for a modern, easy to use service directory that puts veterans and their family members in touch with precious resources.