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Sections    Thursday January 23rd, 2020
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Students breathe in, bleat out with goat yoga

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  • Laurie Struna/ Mesa Public Schools

On Friday, Katie Copeland's Second- And Third-grade Madison Elementary Autism Class Visited Arizona Goat Yoga In Gilbert. Mrs. Copeland Already Incorporates Yoga Into Her Classroom Because Of The Many Benefits For Students With Autism. Photo Courtesy Mesa Public Schools

As Madison Elementary students gather on a grass field at Welcome Home Ranch in Gilbert, laughter fills the air. The students, who are in Kate Copeland’s autism class, are enjoying a unique learning experience – goat yoga.

Copeland, who already incorporates yoga elements in her classroom to enhance her students’ educational and social experiences, reached out to the owners of Goat Yoga Arizona about bringing her students for a special field trip. They happily waived their fees so the students could take part in the class. As participants practice yoga poses, the trained goats join in the fun.

April Gould and Sarah Williams are the masterminds behind the wellness craze. Gould is known as a “goat whisperer,” who trains her goats to interact with participants. Williams has taught yoga for more than 20 years.

Mesa Public Schools Video: Madison Elementary students visit Arizona Goat Yoga

“My children attended Mesa Public Schools,” Williams says. “We wanted to give back to our community, and we saw a lot of smiles today.”

Students with autism may experience sensory integration difficulties caused by environmental noise and light. Daily activity breaks help reduce anxiety. Copeland provides classroom movement time and tools such as breathing exercises and CosmicKidsYoga.

“Breathing strategies and yoga help my students manage anxiety, and influence their moods and behavior in a positive way,” Copeland shares. “Students can use these tools to self-regulate and cope with stressful situations.”

Students breathe in, bleat out with goat yoga GoatYogaX3

Second and third-grade Autism classes from Madison Elementary visit Arizona Goat Yoga during a field trip, Friday April 13, 2018. [Tim Hacker/ Mesa Public Schools]

The human-animal bond and its positive influences on health and well-being are widely documented. Their goat yoga experience provided students with autism the benefit of improving communication and social skills.

“When I learned about Goat Yoga Arizona, it made perfect sense to bring the two worlds together for my students,” Copeland says.

As the session began, one student was wary of the baby goats. By the end of the class, she conquered her fears and became fast friends with the animals.

“Watching the reactions of my students was my favorite part of this experience,” Copeland shares. “My students do not usually get to participate in these types of activities. They have been to the zoo, but to be able to enjoy something hands on is a game changer.”

After class, Rocco Attanaso, second-grader, proudly recited the names of various yoga poses, while his classmate Jenna demonstrated a perfectly executed tree position.

“The goats are so soft,” Attanaso exclaims.