Littleton shows how technology enhances learning during tours
Sections    Wednesday May 22nd, 2019
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Littleton students show how technology enhances learning during tours

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  • Patti Young/Littleton Elementary School District


Littleton Elementary School District has embraced learning with technology and is excited to showcase it to the community with tours of three schools on March 13, 2015 as part of National Digital Learning Day.

Third- and fourth-grade students each have laptops available for daily instruction and learning at home. Tour participants can expect to see how technology has enhanced learning. Students will be applying the state standards through project based-learning, utilizing online tools, video-conferencing in connected classrooms, instruction integrating 3D printers, and students solving real-world problems.

Littleton students show how technology enhances learning during tours DigitalLearningDayHPNational Digital Learning Day  is celebrated nationwide on March 13 as a way to show the public how digital learning looks in schools today.

According to the website, “Digital learning is any instructional practice that effectively uses technology to strengthen a student’s learning experience. Digital learning advances school reform by increasing equity and access to educational opportunities, improving effectiveness and productivity of teachers and administrators, providing student-centered learning to ensure college and career readiness for all students, and recognizing teachers as education designers.”

Littleton Superintendent Dr. Roger Freeman shares his support for National Digital Learning Day.

“As students take advantage of the resources that come with mobile internet access, the world of learning changes to anytime anywhere,” Freeman said. “Each year we provide more and more of our students opportunities to extend both where they learn and when they learn. We are invested in the belief that students must be prepared for a world-wide, technology-based work environment.”

Rebecca Coda, a National Board Certified Teacher and National Digital Learning Day coordinator for the district said students are excited to show how technology helps them learn during these tours.

“The students in each of our schools have been preparing for this real-world opportunity to show how technology is embedded in their daily learning,” Coda said. “We will feature two simultaneous tours and guests will have an opportunity to tour three schools. Our students deserve an authentic audience where they can showcase what they know and how they are able to make an impact on our world today.”

To find out more about digital learning or sign up for the tours, please contact Rebecca Coda, technology specialist at 623-478-5887 or

Members of the media should contact Patti Young at 623-478-5611 or Video, pictures and interviews are available upon request.