Isaac teachers praised by eighth-grade students
Sections    Saturday February 22nd, 2020
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Isaac teachers praised by eighth-grade students

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  • Emily Broome/Isaac Elementary School District

Four superstar math students from Pueblo del Sol took the time to reflect on the years spent at their
school and how they feel Isaac School District prepared them for their next steps in life.

“These students tell us that teachers are important influencers in their personal aspirations, their
motivation, and deliberation for the future. Isaac SD teachers are an extension of their family,” said
Superintendent Mario Ventura.

“They have very clear plans for high school, college, and beyond. I
have no doubt that they will achieve everything they hope for.” – Dr. Mario Ventura,
“Taking Honors Geometry in 8th grade will open many doors for me. It will help me take Calculus in my senior
year; therefore, it will help me get into the college of my choice. I have always been a good student in school,
but taking Geometry has showed my parents and me what I am capable of.”
– Jocelyne Diaz Sanchez, 8th Grade Student
“Taking Geometry has helped me in my life and will help me in the future. It has influenced me to achieve my
dreams. I believe that my intelligence has grown because of taking Geometry. Instead of finishing high school
with Pre-Calculus, I will finish with Calculus or Calculus 3 4. What I’m most looking forward to in the next year is a new life at the Franklin Police and Fire High School. I am excited to enter the world of law enforcement. My reason for choosing Franklin is that I am dedicated to my work, and I will give my complete effort into making my dreams come true.”
– Yesenia Salas, 8th Grade Student
“I will miss how teachers here at Pueblo Del Sol push us towards our dreams. In high school for most students
it’s not about following your dreams it’s about just passing. There aren’t going to be many teachers motivating
you and planning events for your benefit, they’re just there to teach. We have spent so much time with these
teachers that they’re basically family to us students. It’s going to be hard promoting and leaving OUR family
-Paulina Brito, 8th Grade Student
“My plans for the future include being in the 2018 graduating class of Brophy High School, which in turn will
allow me to start towards my goal of become a neurologist. Mr. Catanese and many other teachers I have had
the privilege of being taught by and have helped me in ways I have not been able to help myself. They have
changed the path I was pursuing, and have always expected the best of me. This has allowed me to become
intellectually competent and a better man of society. I plan on applying to Princeton University in New Jersey,
and with the help of Teach for America for deploying the amazing teachers in the Isaac School District; this
dream has become more realistic and possible.”
-Nathan Martinez Rubio, 8th Grade Student

Isaac School District serves approximately 7,500 students in the Maryvale community and is
located in the West Phoenix Metropolitan area. We have 11 schools total, 2 middles schools,
1 K-8th grade, 7 Elementary Schools and 1 Preschool. We are a one hundred percent title 1
school district and provide free and reduced lunch to all of our students. Our population is
approximately 98 percent Hispanic.  For more information, please go online to

For more information, please contact Emily Broome, Communication Specialist, at or
(602) 455-6771.