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Isaac district sends 18 teachers to Biosphere 2 for professional development

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  • Emily Broome/Isaac School District

This summer Isaac School District will be sending 18 teachers for 10 days to the Biosphere 2 in Tucson, AZ for professional development in STEAM. This is the first time a school district has sponsored a group of teachers to attend this program.

“The growth and professional development of our teachers is our greatest asset in ensuring our students receive a quality education and are prepared for the 21st century, ” said Dr. Mario Ventura, superintendent of Isaac School District.

At Biosphere 2 our teachers will be provided with housing, meals and supplies during their stay. The high quality, applicable professional development they receive will be taught by other active classroom teachers who understand what teachers are looking for in their professional development.

The teachers will be fully immersed in a STEAM environment. The amount of practical experience these teachers will gain will benefit our students tremendously.

Isaac School District serves approximately 7,500 students in the Maryvale community and is located in the West Phoenix Metropolitan area. Isaac has 11 schools total, 2 middles schools, 1 K-8th grade, 7 Elementary Schools and 1 Preschool.

Isaac is a one hundred percent Title 1 school district and provides free and reduced lunch to all of our students. Our population is approximately 98 percent Hispanic.

For more information, please contact Emily Broome, Communication Specialist at or (602) 455-6771,, or