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Sections    Saturday July 20th, 2019
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Humboldt Unified sixth graders present at national conference

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  • Kelly Lee/ Humboldt Unified School District

Superintendent Dan Streeter Of Humboldt Unfied School District With Students (l-r Counterclockwise) Lester DeLeon-Chavez, Kailey McCabe, Ella Poitras, Ava Lee, Abigail Ingerson And Hannah McCabe Photo Courtesy Humboldt Unified School District

On September 27th, five 6th grade students and their teacher from Coyote Springs Elementary School,  in the Humboldt Unified School District, presented at the National EdLeader21 Conference held in Glendale, Arizona.

EdLeader21 is a national network of school and district leaders focused on integrating the 4Cs (critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity) into education.

CSES became a school member of EdLeader21 after their signature program planning team took the direction of 21st Century teaching and learning six years ago.

CSES consulted with the Catalina Foothills district in Tucson who had been doing 21st century integration work already. They introduced CSES to Ken Kay who was the CEO of EdLeader21.

After Coyotes first year of membership they were asked to present an IGNITE at the next National Conference about their first year doing this transformational work. Coyote also started implementing the EdLeader21 Performance Tasks. (Which, this year all HUSD schools are doing in varying grades 3-11).

Ken Kay did a site visit to the CSES campus and met with HUSD leaders. This led to HUSD joining EdLeader21 as a district and allowing CSES to connect with schools across the nation working on collaborative efforts in integrating the C’s into teaching and learning (the HUSD 2020 plan and the profile of a graduate.)

The CSES student presentation explained how the students use their school habitat garden and the 5C’s. The 5C’s include collaboration, creativity, communication, critical thinking and community connections. Environmental education is crucial to cultivating the next generation of active, 21st century citizens.

School habitats and gardens provide students new opportunities to engage in project-based learning and apply the 5C’s. Coyote has discovered strategies to grow a generation of kids focused on the impact of growing food and environmental conservation well into the future.

Principal Stump states, “This is a huge opportunity for our students to be a part of a National conversation on the work that they do at CSES everyday! I am very grateful to have Mrs. Jessica Kissinger leading this conversation around our outdoor education program.”

Coyote Springs had to submit an application to be presenters at this conference. They had a goal of having students share how they are embedding the 5 C’s into their daily learning in order to best prepare them for their futures. Each student chose a “C” to talk about and all of the students welcomed questions from the educators in the audience.

The students also helped to walk the audience through a hands-on demonstration of how to recycle newspaper into a plant container. These containers can hold soil and seeds to plant in the ground. The newspapers will decompose and allow the seeds to grow. The students did a great job presenting and answering questions.

Humboldt Unified is looking forward to presenting at future EdLeader21 conferences to share the amazing things that our students are doing. You can find out more about EdLeader21 on their website at

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