Humboldt Elementary School and Edutopia use the Force
Sections    Saturday August 24th, 2019
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Humboldt Elementary School and Edutopia use the Force

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  • Paul Stanton/Humboldt Unified School District


Humboldt Elementary School was contacted at the end of April by Edutopia, a George Lucas film production featuring ‘Schools That Work.”

Humboldt Elementary School was selected to join the interview/application process in a chance to take part as a feature school for this film production focusing on what highly performing schools with high free-and-reduced population are doing well, instructionally, with their students.  The premise of the film is to glean specific information in a documentary style format that other schools can use and replicate.

Humboldt Elementary School and Edutopia use the Force HumboldtElementarySchool2The first round of this process was focused on leadership and an extensive interview was set up with the Humboldt Elementary’s leadership team.   This is where Humboldt Elementary discussed partnerships, leadership, motivation, student instruction, and non-negotiables associated with their vision, as a school.
George Lucas Films called Humboldt Elementary School to continue with their interview process.

Humboldt Elementary had two classroom teachers, a Title One Teacher and an Instructional Specialist each individually interviewed for an hour by the George Lucas research analysts.  These interviews were focused on effective instructional practices, RTI (Response to Intervention) in classroom, school-wide RTI/PBIS (Positive Intervention Strategies), data usage, assessment, curriculum, instructional time, etc. The production analysts were focused on continuity of feedback and the effectiveness of the Humboldt Elementary School’s child-focused infrastructure.

This process ended with Humboldt Elementary School scheduling time in August for a film crew from George Lucas productions to be on campus for four days as they film interviews with teachers, parents, and students. They will also be filming classroom activities and professional development/collaboration meetings with the Humboldt Elementary School staff.

‘Edutopia’ has filmed in schools all over our country and world in search of ‘best practices.’  It’s reassuring to know that great educational practices are happening right here in the tiny historical mining town of Humboldt, Arizona.

Humboldt Elementary proudly represents the Humboldt Unified School District through this amazing opportunity.  They are humbled and appreciative to be honored as an exemplar school representing one of the many ‘Schools That Work’ across our nation.