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Sections    Tuesday March 21st, 2023

Teacher to use AZEdNews Classroom Grant to start student book club

AZEdNews Classroom Grant Winner Eileen-Alston-Conway

Eileen Alston-Conway, a second-grade teacher at Holdeman Elementary School, has received an AZEdNews Classroom Grant sponsored by Davidson/Belluso.

Teacher to use AZEdNews Classroom Grant to start student book club Eileen-Alston-Conway-photo-350

Alston-Conway will use the $200 grant to help create a book club for her students to encourage literacy. Her aim is to get children to learn more about diversity and new cultures.

“This grant would allow students to participate in a student club. Specifically, a student ‘book’ club that would not only unlock their potential but also enhance reading literacy, while learning critical thinking skills,” Alston-Conway said.

They would start reading the Sophie Washington series by Tonya Duncan Ellis because of its message encouraging civility and awareness of different cultures through the characters in the book.

Holdeman Elementary School is in a Title I school in Tempe Elementary School District with a 93% minority enrollment rate.

The student book club will also challenge the parents to join their children as well and read the same book. Alston also believes the club will allow children to explore career options in literacy or discover a newfound passion for it.

Alston-Conway’s vision aligns with the Tempe Elementary School District Governing Board’s goal of inspiring excellence is every child and adult.

Alston-Conway explained the student book club to Rob Davidson, president and CEO of Davidson/Belluso, sponsor of the AZEdNews Classroom Grant.

Video by Muska Olumi: Eileen Alston-Conway named AZEdNews Classroom Grant Winner

“Basically my foundation is wanting all children to learn, and knowing that they can,” Alston-Conway said.

“What a great cause and exceptionally timely, I might add,” Davidson said.

The AZEdNews Classroom Grant helps teachers like Alston-Conway, thanks to sponsors like Davidson/Belluso. Davidson/Belluso is a full-service advertising agency based in Phoenix that is dedicated to supporting teachers and schools in Arizona and is long-time partner of Arizona School Boards Association and AZEdNews.

Since it was founded 20 years ago, Davidson/Belluso has been focused on helping purpose-driven organizations achieve their marketing goals while contributing to the community.  They work with all levels of educational institutions, as well as other private and public sector organizations.

Educational communication and marketing are primary areas of expertise for Davidson/Belluso, which has helped public educational entities from K-12 and higher education in their marketing efforts by communicating with their audiences, increasing enrollment, and maximizing resources.

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