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Higley students celebrate Read Across America

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  • Michelle Reese/Higley Unified School District

Higley Read Across America

Students from Williams Field High’s football program visited classes at Higley Traditional Academy and Coronado Elementary School during Read Across America week.

The football players took turns reading Dr. Seuss stories in classrooms.

Higley students celebrate Read Across America HigleyReadAcrossAmericaHP

Williams Field High School football players Luke Petruzzi and Cole Forsgren read to students at Higley Traditional Academy during Read Across America week. Photo courtesy Higley Unified School District

Football coach Steve Campbell chose the students based on academics, as well as their ability to represent their school.

“All of them have a 3.5 GPA or higher, which means all As and a few Bs,” he told one group of elementary students.

Then he pointed out that the seniors visiting that day are all attending college next year, having been admitted at Stetson University Florida, Colorado State University Pueblo or Princeton.