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Healthy home learning guide offer by Core Purpose Consulting

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Healthy Home Learning Graphic From Core Purpose Consulting

Hello Parents, Educators, Students, Administrators and Schools across the United States,

During these unprecedented times, our team at the Core Purpose Education Consulting Group has tried to find a healthy way to truly be part of the solution and support schools, students, parents, educators, and administrators.

Here is how we think we can serve everyone during this time and going forward.

Let’s join together to connect, empower, and support a healthy culture and synergy within each child’s unique learning and curricular environment.

Help us create a healthy solution to our foreseeable future of digital learning with “The Ultimate Guide to Healthy Home Learning” by visiting us at Core Purpose

This is the healthy foundational solution for parents, students, teachers and administrators and it aligns with any Pre-K through Grade 12 curriculum.

Another level: Help us scholarship “The Ultimate Guide to Healthy Home Learning” to families in your state.

Together we can help America be healthy learners at home.

1. Designed “The Ultimate Guide to Healthy Home Learning” for parents, students, teachers and administrators​: PK-12 Grades

             A. Additionally, we are offering scholarships, cost shares & financial aid for everyone needing financial assistance for the “Guide”

             B. Our life coach, Maleesa, is offering 30 days of Free Life-Coaching with purchase the Healthy Home Learning Guide by 4/15

2. Developed a Quick Start Guide to Online Learning as a FREE resource

3. Offering Virtual Healthy Tutoring and Coaching sessions from our national experts: Academic & Non-Academic Integration

         A. Your first tutoring/coaching session is FREE and additional sessions are significantly discounted. Groups are welcome!

         B. We organized student leaders that can also connect as live tutors or coaches if you prefer the student to student interaction. Together, we can Help America be Healthy!

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Healthy Home Learning Guide offer by Core Purpose Consulting
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Healthy home learning guide offer by Core Purpose Consulting Healthy-Home-Schools-780x1024
Healthy Home Learning Graphic from Core Purpose Consulting