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Sections    Thursday March 23rd, 2023

HandsOn Greater Phoenix Seeks COVID-19 Vaccine Volunteers

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"I'm Just Doing My Part To Stop The Spread Of COVID," Said Olau Onadiko, A Certified Nursing Assistant Who Works As A Caregiver For Sparrow Staffing Services, As He Received His Second COVID-19 Vaccination On Jan. 6, 2021. Photo Courtesy Arizona Dept. Of Health Services

The Arizona State University Research Enterprise (ASURE) is seeking volunteers in both non-clinical and clinical capacities to support the State Farm Stadium COVID-19 Vaccination Site. ASURE is partnering with HandsOn Greater Phoenix to both register and schedule volunteers.

This listing is for NON-CLINICAL volunteers. The roles fall into three categories: Check-In Support, Data Confirmation Support and Logistical Support. All tasks take place outdoors and all require standing/moving for the majority of the shift. Mobile wheelchair users are welcome to volunteer. Please limit personal items to what you can carry. There is no on-site volunteer registration, so only show up if you have a confirmed shift.

Volunteers are able to receive the vaccine the same day, after completing one shift. Upon receiving your vaccine, you will be given a card and will schedule the date and time of your second dose before you leave the site. The vaccine type currently being dispensed is Pfizer.

Important Volunteer Information: 

  • Volunteer parking & check-in (Parking & Check-In Map)
  • Volunteer Waiver (to be completed and emailed to asurecovidvolunteers@gmail.com within 72 hours of your shift) (ASURE Volunteer Waiver)
  • Vaccine consent form to be printed, filled out, and brought with you to expedite the registration of your vaccine. Please make sure to fill out the Contact Information, Signature and First or Second Dose. (ADHS Vaccine Consent Form)
  • No weapons are allowed at the vaccination site
  • Please bring a photo ID to confirm your identity when signing in
  • A meal and drinks will be available for volunteers
  • Volunteers are asked to arrive with their own face mask
  • Access your unique QR code “Access Pass” on your smartphone for check-in. You should screen shot or bring a printed copy of your QR code in case internet access is limited when you’re onsite (information below)
  • FAQ addressing volunteers who are and are not signed up

Accessing Your QR Code “Access Pass”

  1. Login to your account at handsonphoenix.org
  2. After you login, your account page will load. If you’re already logged in, find the “Volunteer” option on the website and select “My Account”
  3. In the “Upcoming Opportunities” box, select “Access Pass” next to the appropriate opportunity
  4. Be prepared to present your QR code at check-in. 

All registration must be completed on the HandsOn web site on a first-come, first-served basis. When submitting questions, please include “Question” in your subject line and refer to the site you are inquiring about. Thank you for your interest as we work together to vaccinate 7 million Arizonans. 

For more information and to sign up visit https://www.handsonphoenix.org/opportunity/a0C1J00000JEl5zUAD.