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HandsOn Greater Phoenix helps GoDaddy volunteers build bicycles for child cancer survivors

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  • HandsOn Greater Phoenix

The HandsOn Greater Phoenix Team Helped A Group Of 250 Volunteers From GoDaddy Assemble 90 Bicycles For The Children’s Cancer Network. Photo Courtesy Of HandsOn Greater Phoenix

Do you remember that feeling you had when you received your first bike?

Earlier this month, the HandsOn Greater Phoenix team helped a group of 250 volunteers from GoDaddy assemble 90 bicycles for the Children’s Cancer Network.

The bicycles went to the children of families experiencing the traumas associated with childhood cancer.

These bikes represented a multitude of positive opportunities from a child’s first bike, to family bike rides, to transportation for those whose cancer left them with disabilities preventing them from operating a vehicle.

Many thanks to GoDaddy for helping bring joy to these deserving families.

If you would like to get your company involved with a fun volunteer event like this, check out for future opportunities!