Sections    Friday December 14th, 2018
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Glendale elementary schools to reopen tomorrow at regular times

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  • Jim Cummings/Glendale Elementary School District

All Glendale Elementary schools will reopen tomorrow at their regular times.

We appreciate the time and patience parents shared with us today, and we were able to make good use of that time to make sure all of our campuses will be ready when school resumes again in the morning.

All schools will start at their regular times. Students who take buses to school should also be at their regular bus stops at their pick-up times.  We do not anticipate any road closures, but if we have heavy rains overnight there may be some transportation delays.

We also ask for parents for their continued consideration in regard to our parking lots. At some schools flooding will persist in the morning, and ask for parent cooperation should any drop-off or pick-up routines be temporarily modified.