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Sections    Friday October 23rd, 2020
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Getting students online through Cox; low-cost program helps improve grades

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  • Roxanne Wingate/ Cox Communications Connect2Compete

To Help Bridge The Digital Divide, Cox Communications' Connect2Compete Is A Low-cost Internet Program For Families With Children In Kindergarten Through High School, Who Are Receiving Government Assistance And Don’t Already Have High-speed Internet In The House. Photo Courtesy Cox Communications

An estimated 70 percent of teachers today are giving homework that requires students to access the internet.

For youth whose families are unable to afford access at home, that can present a big problem for long-term learning. And in Arizona, where one in four youth are living in poverty, that puts thousands of youth at a major disadvantage.

To help bridge that digital divide, Cox brought the Connect2Compete program to Arizona in 2013.

Available anywhere in Arizona that Cox has a presence, Connect2Compete is a low-cost internet program for families with children in kindergarten through high school, who are receiving government assistance and don’t already have high-speed internet in the house.

Cox Communications video: Connect2Compete

Among the families who’ve connected, more than half are getting internet in the home for the first time. It can make a big difference for students, who would otherwise have to go to a public place to access homework, grades, online learning resources, and even higher education financial aid resources.

To ensure that it’s accessible, Cox makes a free wireless modem available, which is beneficial for students whose schools provide mobile devices.

And to help families navigate what might be new waters, Cox has also created a Digital Academy, with a bilingual digital literacy library.

Getting online is only the first step, so the tutorials cover everything from computer basics to opening an email account and online banking. And it’s available to anyone who needs it, whether they qualify for Connect2Compete or not.

With a quarter of a million people enrolled nationally, Connect2Compete is helping to advance a number of goals in the Arizona Education Progress Meter, particularly high school graduation, opportunity youth and postsecondary enrollment.

The Connect2Compete program is empowering families by creating more opportunity to compete in today’s digital world. In fact, it is having such a big impact that most new participants who join hear about it from other family or friends.

A recent survey showed that 90 percent of families involved said it helped their children earn higher grades, and 95 percent said having the internet made it easier to communicate with their children’s teachers.

To learn more, visit or call 855-222-3252.

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