From disgruntled to delighted: Comment leads to partnership
Sections    Thursday May 6th, 2021
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From disgruntled to delighted: Comment leads to partnership

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  • Ann Donohue/Litchfield Elementary School District


What started out as a disgruntled taxpayer attending a public school board meeting, turned into a business/school partnership where both parties benefitted. In the end the speculation turned into celebration!

A Lockheed Martin employee who lived in Goodyear attended a Litchfield Elementary School District Board meeting in July of 2013 and filled out a public comment request to speak. He took his turn at the podium and ask our Superintendent, Dr. Julianne Lein, why he was paying more taxes than in the previous year?

From disgruntled to delighted: Comment leads to partnership RanchoSantaFeComputerLabHP

Thanks to a generous donation from Lockheed Martin’s technology department of 19 computers, keyboards and monitors, Rancho Santa Fe Elementary School students in Avondale now have a computer lab to do classwork in. Photo courtesy Litchfield Elementary School District

This public comment turned into an invitation by Dr. Lein, to meet in person, to discuss the facts about the formula for school finance and property tax supporting schools.

What came out of the meeting was an invitation by the management team at Lockheed Martin to bring together the leaders from both the Litchfield Elementary District  and Agua Fria High School District.

The two groups, including both Superintendents, met with the Lockheed Management Team who was working on a program to recruit students to participate in STEM projects.

The Lockheed team took district leaders on a tour of the facility. They set up a Q&A for employees who had children attending both districts, so employees could meet and ask questions of school personnel.

The two groups then met in the afternoon to put together a plan to facilitate some programs to encourage students to look at engineering and math as an option for study.

Each group left with action items.

The Litchfield District then received a call from the Technology Department at Lockheed telling them that they had 19 computers, monitors and keyboards that they wished to donate to the District. With this generous donation the LESD Technology Department was able to create a computer lab at Rancho Santa Fe Elementary School in Avondale.

Attached are pictures from the sparkling new computer lab at Rancho Santa Fe Elementary School.

In the words of Helen Keller: “Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much.”