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Sections    Friday March 31st, 2023

Four more students awarded AZEdNews Scholarships

From Left To Right: Daniel James, Michelle Hernandez, Peter Wofford And Manuel Edrozo Were Awarded AZEdNews Scholarships Sponsored By ADM Group Inc.

AZEdNews is pleased to announce that Manuel Edrozo, Michelle Hernandez, Daniel James, and Peter Wofford are the final four students awarded AZEdNews Scholarships this year.

These four students’ scholarships, sponsored by ADM Group, provide each student with $500 to be used toward their post-secondary education at vocational/trade schools, community colleges, colleges, and universities.

Four more students awarded AZEdNews Scholarships ADMGroup-LockupLogo-1000

ADM Group is committed to making a positive difference. We try in whatever ways we can to support our community,” said Wendy Odom, senior interior designer for ADM Group, in the video.

“Our participation in this scholarship was just one small way that we could help support you and your future. So, congratulations to the entire Class of 2020 and especially to you as a scholarship recipient. May these funds help support you and brighten your future,” Odom said.

Students submitted 1-minute video entries for the opportunity to win a scholarship. Scholarships funds are mailed directly to the post-secondary institutions the students choose to attend. AZEdNews plans to offer scholarships to graduating public high school seniors again in the future.

Jenifer Weskalnies, director of architecture for ADM Group, congratulated the students on their achievements and wished them well as they begin training for their careers.

“On behalf of ADM Group and our business partners, we want to say congratulations!” Weskalnies told the AZEdNews Scholarship winners in a video message. “2020 has been one of the most difficult years of my life. Like nothing I’ve ever seen. Still, you persevered, completed your coursework and graduated from high school.”

“We are so proud of you, and as you start your transition to college or vocational training ADM Group and our business partners are honored to help you in this little way to help you transition to adulthood in one of the most challenging years we have all seen. So again, congratulations!” Weskalnies said.

Four more students awarded AZEdNews Scholarships 4-HP-ADM-Group-5-to-8-AZEdNews-Scholarship-Photo
From left to right: Daniel James, Michelle Hernandez, Peter Wofford and Manuel Edrozo were awarded AZEdNews Scholarships sponsored by ADM Group Inc.

Manuel Edrozo, who graduated from Perry High School in Chandler Unified School District, said he plans to study theatre education at University of Northern Colorado.

“I come from a lineage of educators, and I’d like to continue that tradition,” said Edrozo in his scholarship entry video. “ My Grandpa was a college English professor. My Grandma was an elementary teacher. My Mom teaches at Sunday School, and I would love to instruct a theatre class of my own someday.”

Michelle Hernandez, who graduated from Coronado High School in Scottsdale Unified School District, said she plans to study business management at Arizona State University.

“This will blast away my worries about having to pay for my education expenses, as well as my family, because they do feel that it is their responsibility to pay for my education, but I don’t really want to add that stress on to them, because they already have so much on their plate,” Hernandez said in her scholarship entry video.

“I am a first-generation student, so it is very important for me to continue on to higher education, because my parents never got the opportunity to do so,” Hernandez said.

Peter Wofford, who graduated from Sedona Red Rock High School in Sedona-Oak Creek School District, said he plans to study filmmaking and media at Yavapai College.

“I’m autistic. When I started kindergarten, I was just beginning to say words, and now here I am a high school graduate,” Wofford said in his scholarship entry video. “I have been in filmmaking and songwriting classes, both of which are my passion. ”

“I’m going to college for film-making and animation. I’ve already made many videos,” Wofford said.  “I’m so excited to show the world how I see the world through my autism.

“I’m going to use my money that I earned in scholarships to go to Yavapai College. Thank you AZEdNews,” Wofford said.

Daniel James, a recent graduate of Dobson High School in Mesa Public Schools, said he plans to major in criminal justice at Eastern New Mexico University.

“I think I would be a good candidate for the scholarship, because I will be the first in my family to receive a bachelor’s degree, unless my sister beats me to it,” James said in his scholarship entry video.

“I think the scholarship will be a great way to start my food bill, because according to my family, I eat a lot, and being a 6-foot-3 student athlete, I agree with that,” James said.

“I am so happy that I actually won this grant,” James said. “I would like to thank AZEdNews so much for helping me fund my dream.”