Flagstaff program helps teen parents graduate
Sections    Tuesday July 14th, 2020
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Flagstaff Unified program helps teen parents graduate

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  • Karin Eberhard/Flagstaff Unified School District

Flagstaff Teen Age Parent Program

Flagstaff Unified School District’s Teen Age Parent Program (TAPP) is important for teen parents who wish to remain high school students and to continue their high school education in a classroom where they can have their child with them.  This program allows students to complete their academic work, but also learn about parenting and child development. It is important for the new family that the teen parent/s receive their high school diploma so they will be able to either further their education or get a better job to provide for their child and to be a good role model for their children. 

Flagstaff Unified program helps teen parents graduate FlagstaffTAPPInside

Students in the Teen Age Parent Program take all academic and elective classes required by the State of Arizona and a parenting class as well as a child development class.

The TAPP Program is good for the community by giving teen mothers an opportunity to graduate from high school. The students take all the required academic and elective classes that are required by the state of Arizona. All new students must take a parenting class and a child development class while they are in the program. Many of the students also attend classes at Summit High School. All students who attend TAPP are registered as a student at Summit High School and can participate in the graduation ceremony upon completion. Students are offered some career classes in this program to prepare them for the world of work such as Life Skills, Exploring Careers, Job Skills and Business. The TAPP staff works with the NAU nursing program which provides a senior nursing student each semester. That student in turn works with the students and babies to monitor pregnancies and nutrition for the students and their children. Another valuable partner is Early Head Start program.  They provide the students with daycare from 6 weeks old up to three year old. They also provide a home based worker that visits the students at their homes, does activities with the teen parent and baby and discusses the child’s development and teaches safety and nutrition. The school counselor assists the students through support groups, for the teen moms to discuss issues with relationships and stresses they are facing as new parents. The staff helps the students finish high school by providing one-on-one help. The Foster Grandparents program based out of NAU, provides two grandmothers who work in the class part time watching the babies so students can attend class down the hall at Summit or do their work in the TAPP classroom.

Flagstaff Unified program helps teen parents graduate 2012-TAPP-Open-House-Inside

All students in Flagstaff Unified School District’s Teen Age Parent Program are registered as students at Summit High School and can participate in the graduation ceremony upon completion.

TAPP graduates, on average 20-25 students per year. This year there will be 20 students graduating by the end of the school year. Approximately 50-60 students are enrolled in TAPP in a school year. When students graduate many of them go on to the community college, trade schools or work. TAPP is fortunate to have many community partners and would like to thank the following for their support of the students, their children and the program; Early Head Start, NAU Nursing and NAU Psychology, Kiwanis, Arizona Association for Supportive Child Care (AASCC) Northern Arizona College Resource Center (NACRC), Flagstaff Medical Center, North Country Clinic, Foster Grandparent program, and the Mountain Morning  Soroptomist Club.