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Sections    Thursday January 23rd, 2020
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Flagstaff High School teacher goes beyond the lesson

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  • Karin Eberhard/ Flagstaff Unified School District

Ms. Rachel Perugini Noticed That Her Students Sometimes Would Get Fidgety In Class So When She Found A Contest On Line That If Won Would Provide Stand Up Desks For Her Classroom Giving Students A Chance To Stand Up While Doing Their Work. Photo Courtesy Flagstaff Unified School District

Rachel Perugini has taught English at Flagstaff High School for six years. Her passion is working with students and getting them excited about reading.

She enjoys building relationships within the classroom. She feels supported at FHS and loves working in the “environment of dialogue” that she has found at Flagstaff High School.

Ms. Perugini noticed that her students sometimes would get fidgety in class so when she found a contest on line that if won would provide stand up desks for her classroom giving students a chance to stand up while doing their work.

Flagstaff High School teacher goes beyond the lesson crop-master-original-student-desk-500x500

A standing desk

She saw this as an opportunity to engage the students in a process and created a project involving all of her students.

The students were fully involved in talking about the benefits of the stand-up desks and soliciting support for the contest through outreach to family and friends using conversation skills and social media. They encouraged everyone they know to vote online.

According to Ms. Perugini the students have learned “the power of technology and support from community, family and friends.”

“The students learned communication skills and community building,” she said.

Though they earned second place in the contest, the students felt as if they won and so did Ms. Perugini.

She will receive a new teacher desk and asked to exchange the large white board offered as the second place prize for two stand up desks so her students could experience the benefits that started this project.

Ms. Perugini is very glad that she and all of her students went through the process stating, “This contest gave my students and I a chance to engage with each other and the community towards a common goal. We were disappointed to come in second, but it was an amazing opportunity.”