Sections    Friday March 22nd, 2019
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Falcon Hill Farm competes for Seeds of Change garden grant

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Falcon Hill Farm

A garden is a fantastic teaching tool and a great way to build a strong community.

Falcon Hill Farm has been a dream of both Falcon Hill Elementary students and teachers for quite some time.

Falcon Hill Farm competes for Seeds of Change garden grant FalconHillFarmInsideThe Mesa Public School is now competing for a Seeds of Change Grant that could make that dream a reality.

We would like to produce an organic school garden our school and community can benefit from and enjoy.

Please go to the Seeds of Change website and vote once a day! Click on voting gallery, put Falcon Hill Farm in the garden name and click on search.

“For a teacher, a garden is more than a beautiful place or a veggie patch. It is a powerful learning tool, as critical to a student’s academic success as a computer or a microscope.” (Unknown)

Falcon Hill Elementary school is located in the Sonoran Desert. Gardens and farms are few. Our children have a disconnect when it comes to where our food comes from. They know it’s “grown”, but most have not had the opportunity to actually grow their own food.

Our school and community would benefit from a school garden in many ways. Each classroom would have an opportunity to plant, care for, and harvest their own vegetables. Volunteers from the community would also be encouraged to participate in the school garden.

Spending time working together growing healthy vegetables and fruits to grow strong bodies, minds, and a healthy future for our kids is the goal of Falcon Hill Farm.