Enjoy the district's writing contest anthology
Sections    Tuesday July 7th, 2020
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Enjoy Mesa district’s writing contest anthology

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  • Lynda Jordan/Mesa Public Schools

The Voices 2014 anthology features the work of first-place winners in this year’s district writing contest. Enjoy the unique, compelling and engaging voices of Mesa Public Schools students and staff. Now is their time to be heard!

Voices  2014 celebrates the work of first-place winners at every grade level in Mesa Public Schools narrative, poetry, class book and essay competition. Voices also features winning staff entries, contest judges, a list of first-place and honorable mention award winners, and special achievements in other writing contests at local, state and national levels.

Writing Awards Ceremony

First-place and honorable mention winners will be honored at the District Writing Awards Ceremony on May 1 in the Franklin at the Brimhall Elementary auditorium, 4949 E. Southern Ave., Mesa.

Elementary students will be recognized beginning at 6 p.m. followed by the secondary students at 7:30 p.m. The ceremony is an opportunity to honor the winners and to present their certificates, ribbons and Voices 2014 anthologies.

The district ‘s annual writing contest and Voices anthologies are coordinated by Alita Miller, language arts program specialist, Curriculum and Instruction Department.

Class Book excerpt

The Perfect 5-year-old

— By Merrilee Kupfer’s kindergarten class at Field Elementary

We have a school family. Each of us is important and together we are awesome. Our teacher said that if we take the best part from each child and build one person we would have a perfect five year old student. So we each chose our best part . . . .

My brain helps me learn things.  |  My eyes are big and brown.  |  I can smell things that I like and also eat them.  |  When I smile I have dimples.  |  My teeth chomp everything. They are awesome.  |  My muscle is really strong.  |  My heart is awesome because being nice to everybody is easy.  |  My clothes are pretty and beautiful.

When we put our best parts together we made a perfect 5 year old student. Well, almost!