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Eight districts rely on process to fill governing board vacancies

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  • Laurie King/Maricopa County Education Service Agency

Eight Maricopa County school districts have vacancies on their governing boards. Two districts have more than one vacancy.

“Partially staffed governing boards can leave school districts without the voices needed to make swift and solid decisions,” said Maricopa County Superintendent of Schools Dr. Don Covey. “It is imperative the community works together to identify citizens to fill those vacancies and move the district forward. Once identified, the County Superintendent appoints individuals that reflect the best interest of the local community, the children, and educators.”

The eight governing boards that are currently working through the appointment process are:

  • Aguila Elementary (2 vacancies)
  • Higley Unified
  • Littleton Elementary
  • Nadaburg Unified
  • Paloma Elementary (3 vacancies)
  • Sentinel Elementary
  • Union Elementary
  • West-MEC Subdistrict #2

The process of appointment is fair, transparent and collaborative between the local community and the County Superintendent.

The Collaboration Team

The process begins with a Collaboration Team that consists of:

  1. the local school district governing board president, who serves as chair;
  2. the local school district superintendent;
  3. a teacher representing the school district educators;
  4. a parent representative representing the community.

The Collaboration Team uses a “Consensus Decision Making Process” and recommends its first nominee, first alternate nominee and second alternate nominee to the County Superintendent.

The Appointment

The County Superintendent facilitates a nominee seminar and vets nominees. The County Superintendent then accepts or does not accept the recommendation of the Collaboration Team and informs the president of the school district’s Governing Board. In the event the County Superintendent does not accept the Collaboration Team’s recommendation, rationale is given.

“In my six years serving as Maricopa County Superintendent,” said Covey, “I have rarely rejected the first nominee. In each situation, the rationale was due to complications surfaced during background checks or similar circumstances. It is always my intention that the process reflects the will of the community and serves the needs of the children.”

Community members interested in serving their local school districts as a governing board member are encouraged to contact the district superintendent.

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