Sections    Monday March 18th, 2019
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Educators sought for math, English standards review subcommittees

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  • Sally Stewart/Arizona Department of Education


The Arizona Department of Education is accepting applications from teachers in K-12 school district and charter schools, higher education faculty and teacher professional organizations and foundations to participate in the review of Arizona’s English language arts and mathematics standards.

Candidates should be prepared to discuss areas which can be improved. Those selected will provide content expertise and will contribute as members of the standards review subcommittees for the two subjects being reviewed.

Educators sought for math, English standards review subcommittees TeachersMathEnglishStandardsReviewSubcommittees“Gathering input from Arizona teachers and educators is critical as we work to improve our English language arts and mathematics standards,” said Superintendent of Public Instruction Diane Douglas. “Their guidance, along with feedback from parents and other education stakeholders, will help us establish outstanding Arizona standards that will prepare our children for a bright future.”

Educators who are interested should complete and submit the application found on the Arizona Educator Engagement Opportunities website. The subcommittees will work with the Arizona Standards Development Committee.