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Sections    Sunday November 29th, 2020
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Dr. Cherryl Paul talks about Census 2020

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  • Mary Irish/ AZEdNews

Sacaton Elementary School District Superintendent Dr. Cherryl Paul Said Encouraging People To Complete The Census Is Critical. Photo By Mary Irish/AZEdNews

For Arizona’s public K-12 schools, an accurate census count is key to funding for many critically important programs, said Monica Trejo, Arizona deputy director of constituency services for education for NALEO Educational Fund and vice president of the Tempe Elementary School District Governing Board.

If there is a census undercount, the state’s public schools could lose some of the $13,513 billion they currently receive for the National School Lunch Programspecial education (IDEA) grantsHead Start/Early Head StartTitle I grants to local education agencies and health center programs as well as child care and development entitlement funds.

“Our schools are already doing more with less, and we simply cannot afford any additional loss in funding,”  Trejo said. 

Video by Mary Irish/AZEdNews: Census 2020 Testimonial by Dr. Cherryl Paul