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Sections    Thursday February 2nd, 2023
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Black History Mural Month Project to highlight pioneers of the Black community launches in Phoenix

A Black Lives Matter Mural Pointed In Downtown Phoenix. Photo Courtesy Of 12 News Arizona

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Update 2/1/21: Looking for local art to share with students as you celebrate Black History Month? Take a look at the Black History Month Mural Project to teach Phoenix residents about some pioneers in the Black community, that KJZZ 91.5 FM reports on.

The teacher shortage in Arizona classrooms has worsened even more as the COVID-19 pandemic has continued, The Arizona Republic reports.

Teaching Black history includes what’s happening now, not just in the past, Stand for Children says.

It’s time to teach future generations about the impact and achievements of Black Americans, Maricopa Community Colleges say.

Confirmed COVID-19 cases in Arizona rose to 762,145 today from 758,404 yesterday, and 13,124 have died from the virus, said the Arizona Department of Health Services.

In Maricopa County, there are 475,261 confirmed cases of COVID-19, 101,961 in Pima County, 42,546 n Pinal County, 35,184 in Yuma County, 19,641 in Mohave County, 16,325 in Yavapai County, 14,565 in Navajo County, 15,274 in Coconino County, 10,469 in Cochise County, 9,638 in Apache County, 7,439 in Santa Cruz County, 6,031 in Gila County, 5,126 in Graham County, 2,250 in La Paz County and 525 in Greenlee County.

Arizona Dept. of Health Services Interactive Graphic: (Hover over counties and boxes for more info)


Washington Elementary School District honors Flor Banuelos for her creative approaches to learning.

Thank your school counselors this week during National School Counseling Week, Tempe Union High School District says.

Tolleson Elementary School District honors Carter G. Woodson, founder of Black History Month.

2,713 Dreamers have applied for DACA through Dec. 31, 2020, while they await a ruling in a lawsuit challenging the legality of the DACA program in Texas.

A bill at the Arizona Legislature would end suspensions and expulsions for Pre-K through fourth-grade students except for the following reasons.

Here’s how to make the most of parent-teacher conferences during distance learning, courtesy of edutopia.

Black families‘ lack of trust in their public schools ability to keep their children safe is holding back schools re-opening, The New York Times reports.

Learn more about the training involved in East Valley Institute of Technology students earning their Medical Assistant certifications.

Black History Month starts today and Read On Arizona provides these books for young readers to recognize Black achievements and contributions all year long.

Tucson Unified School District thanks The Toronto Zoo for a virtual field trip for students.

Arizona State University‘s NASA Persevere will be arriving on Mars soon and the team will share what it finds.

Update 1/29/21: Schools leaders say as more teachers and school staff get vaccinated for COVID-19, they’re hoping it will help them resume in-person learning for students and provide students and staff with another layer of protection, KJZZ 91.5 FM reports..

Confirmed COVID-19 cases in Arizona rose to 748,260 today from 743,232 yesterday, and 13,022 have died from the virus, said the Arizona Department of Health Services.

In Maricopa County, there are 465,875 confirmed cases of COVID-19, 9100,272 in Pima County, 42,052 in Pinal County, 34,871 in Yuma County, 18,883 in Mohave County, 16,096 in Yavapai County, 14,229 in Navajo County, 15,021 in Coconino County, 10,365 in Cochise County, 9,482 in Apache County, 7,400 in Santa Cruz County, 5,934 in Gila County, 5,050 in Graham County, 2,214 in La Paz County and 516 in Greenlee County.

See some of the toys and tools created by seventh graders at Choice Learning Academy in the Alhambra Elementary School District c to help community members.

Schools that have successfully implemented personalized learning for all students have borrowed some tools such as Individualized Educational Programs from special education, according to The Hechinger Report.

Peoria Unified School District reminds parents to check their email for an update about a potential change in instruction.

A bill awaiting Gov. Doug Ducey’s signature would close a loophole that let some people accused of abuse continue working with children, The Arizona Republic reports.

Take part in the Connect2STEM virtual event online Saturday at 10 a.m.

Learn more about a movement to create housing options for adults with autism, intellectual disabilities and developmental disabilities.

Chandler Unified School District honors Laurie Croswhite who was named an Amazing Teacher by

See how teachers are using data to see what works best in virtual learning, courtesy of WestEd.

Tolleson Union High School District is holding a virtual teacher interview fair on Feb. 20.

Learn more about students’ entries that won Dysart Unified‘s National History Day Awards at 10 a.m. on Saturday.

Update 1/28/21: School districts are focusing on enrolling students for next school year as they deal with concerns over state funding shortfalls, ABC 15 Arizona reports.

Confirmed COVID-19 cases in Arizona rose to 743,232 today from 738,561 yesterday, and 12,819 have died from the virus, said the Arizona Department of Health Services.

In Maricopa County, there are 462,580 confirmed cases of COVID-19, 99,441 in Pima County, 41,829 in Pinal County, 34,762 in Yuma County, 18,741 in Mohave County, 16,025 in Yavapai County, 14,178 in Navajo County, 14,998 in Coconino County, 10,324 in Cochise County, 9,472 in Apache County, 7,383 in Santa Cruz County, 5,900 in Gila County, 4,872 in Graham County, 2,211 in La Paz County and 516 in Greenlee County.

Deer Valley Unified School District invites you to take part in a pandemic parenting and social media webinar this evening.

Teacher Lindsey Stillman talks about why it’s important to teach students about the Holocaust to KJZZ 91.5 FM.

President Joe Biden’s plan for a path to citizenship represents hope for DACA recipients, also called Dreamers, but some immigrants remain skeptical about what’s next.

Former Marcos de Niza High School football team place kicker Krysten Muir partially paralyzed in collision, The Arizona Republic reports.

School staffing issues could slow down a plan to get students back in the classroom, Education Week says.

College applications this fall were lower than last year, especially among first-generation and low-income students, Achieve60AZ says.

Update 1/26/21: Diversity and inclusion experts say a key way to end racism in public health care is for medical schools to admit more students of color to improve care and outcomes for people of color, Cronkite News reports.

Confirmed COVID-19 cases in Arizona rose to 732,643 today from 727,895 yesterday, and 12,448 have died from the virus, said the Arizona Department of Health Services.

In Maricopa County, there are 455,830 confirmed cases of COVID-19, 98,034 in Pima County, 40,533 in Pinal County, 34,543 in Yuma County, 18,528 in Mohave County, 15,929 in Yavapai County, 14,120 in Navajo County, 14,894 in Coconino County, 10,248 in Cochise County, 9,283 in Apache County, 7,355 in Santa Cruz County, 5,824 in Gila County, 4,832 in Graham County, 2,177 in La Paz County and 513 in Greenlee County.

Hear what parents are most concerned about during remote learning at Learning Heroes’ webinar at 5 p.m. Arizona time today.

Arizona State University names it’s film school after legendary actor Sidney Poitier.

Chandler Police honored a student who alerted a homeowner after he saw a person stealing packages from doorsteps on his way to school.

Discussing the Jan.6 attack on the U.S. Capitol in class must include the motives behind the attack and avoid simplifying to stop brushing racism’s role aside, The Education Trust says.

Sunnyside Unified‘s Los Ninos Elementary Principal Dedee Krause says helping students build a strong social and emotional foundation helps them succeed in life.

See how COVID-19 has impacted social emotional learning for students, courtesy of the National Association of Elementary School Principals.

Take a look at USDA‘s online nutrition resources for kids.

Update 1/25/21: Teachers and school staff see receiving COVID-19 vaccinations as a first step to get back into the classroom with their students.

At the same time, the number of children in the hospital for COVID-19 has risen to levels not seen before in the state, The Arizona Republic reports.

Confirmed COVID-19 cases in Arizona rose to 727,895 today from 722,574 yesterday, and 12,239 have died from the virus, said the Arizona Department of Health Services.

In Maricopa County, there are 452,925 confirmed cases of COVID-19, 97,474 in Pima County, 39,842 in Pinal County, 34,422 in Yuma County, 18,398 in Mohave County, 15,838 in Yavapai County, 14,066 in Navajo County, 14,844 in Coconino County, 10,216 in Cochise County, 9,229 in Apache County, 7,312 in Santa Cruz County, 5,805 in Gila County, 4,833 in Graham County, 2,183 in La Paz County and 508 in Greenlee County.

Why making mistakes and working through them is a good thing for learning and strategies to help with the process, courtesy of Arizona PBS.

Stand for Children Arizona seeks your input on reforming school push out and zero tolerance policies. Take a survey below.

Register now for webinars to explore restorative justice held today and Feb. 17 hosted by the Annie E. Casey Foundation.

One n Ten helps LGBTQ+ youth and young adults and empowers them to find their best life, through a community, youth center,s life skills training, educational programs, housing for homeless youth and a summer camp.

Arizona State University graduate students can apply for financial help as they manage their school, family and work demands, azfamily reports

Update 1/22/21Arizona Department of Health Services Dr. Cara Christ provided an update on COVID-19 vaccination availability and said confirmed cases of coronavirus remain elevated in the state “however, we are starting to see a little bit of a plateau” during a news conference she held today. Watch it live here.

In addition, hospital bed usage and COVID-like illness in the state is decreasing, Dr. Christ said.

AZDHS COVID-19 Vaccine Update – 1/22/21

“We have incorporated over the age of 65 within our state PODs so we’re very excited about the appointments that have been scheduled so we can begin serving that population,” Dr. Christ said.

“As we continue to get vaccine into the state we’ll continue to expand the number of places and providers who are administering that vaccine and increase our communications about who is eligible and where individuals can receive vaccine,” Dr. Christ said.

The federal government provides AZDHS with the amount of vaccine that the state will receive and AZDHS works with county health departments to determine where the vaccines will go, Dr. Christ said.

“We place the order to CDC and CDC directly allocates to the vaccine provider,” Dr. Christ said.

“By the week of January 24, we expect to receive a projected total of 733,350 doses out of 973,175 total,” Dr. Christ said. “Over the last two weeks we’ve gotten consistent doses of the Pfizer and Moderna and that does include both first and second doses.”

Dr. Christ also provided a breakdown of where the vaccine would be allocated throughout the state for the week of Jan. 24th, which includes the CDC pharmacy partnership.

Over 400 vaccination sites will receive vaccine this week, including Fry’s, Safeway’s and Albertson’s pharmacies, and Arizonans can go to to locate where vaccine is available and a link to their COVID-19 vaccine registration site, Dr. Christ said.

The CDC’s partnership with Walgreen’s and CVS continues to provide vaccination residents of long-term care facilities.

More sites will be added as more vaccine becomes available now through March with more than 775 providers and more than 800 pharmacies registered to provide vaccine as well.

“As of today, 380,00 doses of the vaccine have been administered across the 15 counties,” Dr. Christ said.

Dr. Christ acknowledged the problems people have had with registering online for the vaccine and said the vaccine registration system was developed by Google and MTX “in a very, very short amount of time. They are continuing to provide support and ongoing enhancements based on customer feedback and some of the things that we have identified to be challenges in that system as well.”

In addition, as of today second dose appointment are being scheduled at State Farm Stadium in the wellness lot before a person leaves after the first COVID-19 vaccine appointment, Dr. Christ said.

“While there is a minimum interval between the first dose and the second dose, there is no maximum interval,” Dr. Christ said.

Confirmed COVID-19 cases in Arizona rose to 708,041 today from 699,942 yesterday, and 12,001 have died from the virus, said the Arizona Department of Health Services.

In Maricopa County, there are 439,743 confirmed cases of COVID-19, 94,697 in Pima County, 39,091 in Pinal County, 33,872 in Yuma County, 17,872 in Mohave County, 15,419 in Yavapai County, 13,791 in Navajo County, 14,512 in Coconino County, 10,014 in Cochise County, 8,837 in Apache County, 7,197 in Santa Cruz County, 5,641 in Gila County, 4,754 in Graham County, 2,100 in La Paz County and 500 in Greenlee County.

Updated 1/21/21: Not My Kid shares advice on how parents can start conversations with their kids and teens as drug overdoses and abuse increases dramatically during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Confirmed COVID-19 cases in Arizona rose to 699,942 today from 690,544 yesterday, and 11,772 have died from the virus, said the Arizona Department of Health Services.

In Maricopa County, there are 434,337 confirmed cases of COVID-19, 93,839 in Pima County, 38,477 in Pinal County, 33,707 in Yuma County, 17,586 in Mohave County, 15,248 in Yavapai County, 13,703 in Navajo County, 14,362 in Coconino County, 9,883 in Cochise County, 8,772 in Apache County, 7,149 in Santa Cruz County, 5,572 in Gila County, 4,721 in Graham County, 2,087 in La Paz County and 498 in Greenlee County.

Social studies and science teachers are encouraged to enter their 4th – 12th-grade students in a national contest by creating map products and story maps using GIS, says Arizona Department of Education.

Social and emotional learning play an important role in civics education, teachers say.

Here are some ways schools can help young adolescents who are most vulnerable to long-term problems from trauma, Education Week reports.

Here are five teacher-tested ways to build connections with students, courtesy of edutopia.

House Bill 2015, which was passed by the Arizona Legislature‘s House Education Committee earlier this week, would appropriate from the state general fund to the Arizona Department of Education amounts in fiscal years 2021 to 2023 to distribute in preschool development grants to eligible providers to replace federal monies no longer available to providers who participated in the grants program in fiscal years 2018 and 2019.

Buckeye’s mayor visited West-MEC aviation programs for students today.

Take a look at 10 ways schools and educators can help LGBTQ+ students feel safe on campus.

University of Arizona Education hosts a panel discussion about how to discuss current issues for students.

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