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Davis Bilingual Receives National Recognition

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  • Karla Escamilla   |   Tucson Unified School District

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Tucson, AZ, August 20, 2021- Tucson Unified is proud to announce that Davis Bilingual K-5 Magnet School has been recognized as a nationally certified magnet school. Nationally certified magnet schools provide high-quality, innovative educational options to families and students that promote choice, diversity, and academic excellence.

Every nationally certified magnet school, regardless of neighborhood or zip code, is held to the same high Standards of Excellence. Davis meets all the rigorous Magnet School Standards of Excellence which define the essential elements and characteristics of high-quality magnet programs.

Davis is also known for its award-winning Bilingual education, as well as arts, mariachi, and school garden program. Students deserve access to an excellent education that will prepare them for a bright future, and Davis offers this to them. Congratulations!