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Daily schools update: Students learn more about Year of the Tiger during Lunar New Year

Students At Horseshoe Trails Elementary School Led The School-wide Chinese New Year Parade.

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Updated Feb. 1, 2022: Students in Arizona schools with Mandarin dual language programs celebrated Lunar New Year, which is one of the most important holidays in Southeast Asia.

The holiday traditionally lasts around two weeks, and it celebrates a new year with new hopes. This year is represented by the tiger, one of the twelve zodiac animals, which symbolizes bravery, competition, and strength.

Confirmed cases of COVID-19 rose to 1,878,211 today in Arizona, up from 1,870,644 yesterday, and 26,345 people in Arizona have died from COVID-19 since the pandemic began.

Maricopa County there are 1,188,443 confirmed cases of COVID-19, 234,989 in Pima County121,934 in Pinal County59,509 in Yuma County53,777 in Mohave County44,995 in Yavapai County40,781 in Coconino County35,470 in Navajo County28,304 in Cochise County20,548 in Apache County15,680 in Gila County15,758 in Santa Cruz County11,153 in Graham County4,815 in La Paz County and 2,060 in Greenlee County.

The American Association for the Advancement of Science honored seven Arizona State University faculty as part of the newest class of AAAS Fellows for their achievements and their contributions to their fields. This is among the highest honors in the scientific community.

February is Black History Month. The month was chosen to coincide with Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass’ birthdays.

Education never stops at Creighton’s Community Education Department, and GEDs offer opportunities to reinvest into your future.

Check out Arizona’s newest mall, located at room 235 at Marcos de Niza High School.

Students interested in teaching receive hands-on learning at Peoria Unified School District with Read Better, Be Better!

Mesa Public Schools students have new tennis gear thanks to the United States Tennis Association.

Jan. 27, 2022

Today marks the 77th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, the Nazi concentration camp where over 1.1 million lives were lost. In 2005, the United Nations General Assembly designated January 27 as International Holocaust Remembrance Day to honor the victims.

Last year, a law was passed in Arizona requiring two mandatory lessons on the Holocaust and other genocides between grades 7-12.

Confirmed cases of COVID-19 rose to 1,813,796 today in Arizona, up from 1,799,503 yesterday, and 25,932 people in Arizona have died from COVID-19 since the pandemic began.

Maricopa County there are 1,1502,653 confirmed cases of COVID-19, 226,092 in Pima County116,789 in Pinal County57,238 in Yuma County51,477 in Mohave County43,582 in Yavapai County39,543 in Coconino County34,337 in Navajo County26,951 in Cochise County19,857 in Apache County15,107 in Gila County14,676 in Santa Cruz County10,839 in Graham County4,667 in La Paz County and 1,997 in Greenlee County.

It’s never too late to continue your education. Glendale Community College offers flexible start dates!

How was your 10-year challenge? Queen Creek Unified School District asks.

Interested in e-sports? Tomorrow is the deadline for Scottsdale Community College’s e-sports community with various titles to compete in.

Local grants help MCC support environmental and sustainability-based projects.

Your academic future starts today at Littleton Elementary School District, which offers tools to help plan for different career tracks.

Road closures on Dobbins Road from 41st Lane to 51st Avenue from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. to make way for the Laveen Community Parade!

Hacktivate Mesa concluded with high schools students around Mesa working together to brainstorm solutions in their community

It was a busy day for the Anthem Rockets.

Jan. 26, 2022

Arizona lawmakers passed bills this week that reflect the parents’ rights movement that would require schools to disclose to parents information about children’s mental, emotional and physical health and provide parents with a list of books and materials their children borrowed from the school library.

The Arizona State Board of Education approved letting substitutes work longer in each school district among other measures to help ease the shortage caused by teachers out sick with COVID-19.

The Senate Education Committee voted against a bill that would make school board races partisan elections.

Confirmed cases of COVID-19 rose to 1,799,503 today in Arizona, up from 1,781,274 yesterday, and 25,899 people in Arizona have died from COVID-19 since the pandemic began.

Maricopa County there are 1,142,432 confirmed cases of COVID-19, 224,370 in Pima County115,799 in Pinal County56,639 in Yuma County51,063 in Mohave County43,210 in Yavapai County39,068 in Coconino County, 34,046 in Navajo County26,617 in Cochise County19,520 in Apache County, 14,971 in Gila County, 14,550 in Santa Cruz County10,732 in Graham County4,577 in La Paz County and 1,929 in Greenlee County.

See how Phoenix Union High School District students are helping to keep their schools safe.

Peoria Unified School District celebrates School Choice Week by highlighting some of the special programs at its schools.

Cartwright School District celebrates their teachers and all they do for students.

Pendergast Elementary School District invites parents of kindergarteners to learn more about their programs and enroll their children for school.

The U.S. Department of Education shares ways to support students social, emotional, behavioral and mental health.

Supt. of Public Instruction Kathy Hoffman thanks after-school professionals who give students a safe place to learn and explore their interests.

Pima Joint Technical Education district thanks Tucson Rotary members for their donation that will help students prepare for their careers.

University of Arizona honors faculty for their key recognition.

University of Arizona researchers have created a small device that fits into a woman’s fallopian tubes and can tell if early-stage ovarian cancer has developed.

Mesa Public Schools honors their health staff for all they do to help students and staff.

Jan. 25, 2022

Almost 80% of bachelor’s degree-granting institutions are not requiring SAT scores from fall 2022 applicants, according to a December tally by the National Center for Fair & Open Testing.

Natural Geographic’s editor-in-chief Susan Goldberg will be joining ASU in February as vice dean and professor of practice.

“Susan’s ability to convey the immediacy of the need to find solutions to the problems humankind has created for itself, and doing so by seeing solutions as an opportunity rather than sacrifice, is an immense addition to our ability to shape a people-and-planet-positive future,” said Peter Schlosser, vice president and vice provost of Global Futures, to ASU News.

A ranking of the nation’s best online bachelor’s program’s by U.S. News Education

On track towards his goals of becoming a neurosurgeon, 12-year-old Jimi “Monty” Hernandez will begin taking classes for his biochemistry degree in fall 2022.

Students gathered for School Connect Summit 2022 to share their perspectives and ideas for a better future.

Another meeting for Mr. Watson’s Book club, as Maricopa County School Superintendent Steve Watson reads “I Really Like Slop!” by Mo Willems to Ms. Beimfohr’s pre-kindergarten class.

Ever want to read and walk at the same time?

Hacktivate Mesa 2022 is a two-day event where students identify, study, and present solutions to challenges faced by the Mesa community.

Tempe Union High School District is testing the waters for a district-wide Hack-A-Thon, a coding marathon, that will be beginner-friendly? If you’re interested in participating check out the survey below!

Happy School Board Month!

Confirmed cases of COVID-19 rose to 1,781,274 today in Arizona, up from 1,767,302 yesterday, and 25,624 people in Arizona have died from COVID-19 since the pandemic began.

Maricopa County there are 1,131,309 confirmed cases of COVID-19, 221,920 in Pima County114,642 in Pinal County56,107 in Yuma County50,538 in Mohave County42,749 in Yavapai County38,323 in Coconino County, 33,798 in Navajo County26,364 in Cochise County19,346 in Apache County, 14,814 in Gila County, 14,362 in Santa Cruz County10,539 in Graham County4,552 in La Paz County and 1,911 in Greenlee County.

Jan. 24, 2022

With the number of teachers out due to COVID-19 at high levels, the Arizona State Board of Education with consider changes during their meeting today that would let certified substitute teachers stay in the classroom past the current 120 day limit, and issue emergency substitute teacher certificates for two years instead of one.

More students are training to become teachers at Arizona’s three public universities and Grand Canyon University, despite the challenges teachers and students have faced during the pandemic.

See what has contributed to declining high school graduation rates around the country during the pandemic.

Confirmed cases of COVID-19 rose to 1,767,302 today in Arizona, up from 1,752,552 yesterday, and 25,624 people in Arizona have died from COVID-19 since the pandemic began.

In Maricopa County there are 1,122,599 confirmed cases of COVID-19, 220,411 in Pima County113,414 in Pinal County55,820 in Yuma County50,055 in Mohave County42,448 in Yavapai County37,899 in Coconino County, 33,538 in Navajo County26,024 in Cochise County19,253 in Apache County, 14,763 in Gila County, 14,128 in Santa Cruz County10,511 in Graham County4,530 in La Paz County and 1,895 in Greenlee County.

ASU Preparatory Academy celebrates the International Day of Education.

New River Elementary students get ready to share their favorite books during Battle of the Books.

Would you like to help students improve their reading skills? Then here’s a volunteer opportunity for you.

Arizona Town Hall participants are discussing creating vibrant communities and how involving youth and families is critically important.

Phoenix Union High School District shares info about the school options that students can choose from during National School Choice Week.

Interested in learning salsa, cumbia, bachata and folkloric dance? Then take a look at these offerings from Coconino Community College.

Garden Lakes Elementary Students celebrate the 100th day of school.

Coaches for Charity honor former Tucson Unified School District athletics director and local MLK Day founder Herman and Elaine House.

Crane Schools Nutrition teams shares their easy to grab & go salad cups for students.

Take a look at how teaching has changed in 11 countries since the pandemic began.

Ash Fork Unified School District honors Nurse Randi and Mrs. Broehm for running a half-marathon this weekend.

Jan. 21, 2022

Arizona Rep. Jennifer Pawlik has sponsored a bill to override the aggregate expenditure limit for public schools this fiscal year by March 1, 2022 so schools can spend the nearly $1.2 billion in funding they’re already allocated, and she filed another bill to remove it in upcoming years, azfamily reports.

Without it, teachers and school staff would be put on furlough in April, and the impact would be felt statewide, because “in some cases, school districts are the largest employers in rural Arizona by far” said Chris Kotterman, governmental relations director for Arizona School Boards Association.

Gov. Doug Ducey filed a lawsuit in Phoenix federal court today after the U.S. Treasury Department demanded changes to a $163 million program to use federal COVID-19 relief funding to match public health recommendations or forfeit the money and a $10 million program Gov. Ducey created to give private school tuition money to parents if their children’s schools have mask mandates, ABC 15 Arizona reports.

Confirmed cases of COVID-19 rose to 1,701,949 today in Arizona, up from 1,683,915 yesterday, and 25,502 people in Arizona have died from COVID-19 since the pandemic began.

In Maricopa County there are 1,082,411 confirmed cases of COVID-19, 211,888 in Pima County108,340 in Pinal County53,601 in Yuma County47,876 in Mohave County41,515 in Yavapai County36,646 in Coconino County, 32,482 in Navajo County24,507 in Cochise County18,690 in Apache County, 14,329 in Gila County, 13,229 in Santa Cruz County10,157 in Graham County4,383 in La Paz County and 1,895 in Greenlee County.

See how caring for a close relative helped an Arizona State University student find her career path.

Morenci Unified School District celebrates their student leaders of the month.

See how a teacher at El Mirage Elementary School used a grant to help students in her classroom.

Take a look here to find more resources for your classroom.

See Tempe Elementary School District students dress up to celebrate their 100th day of school.

Red Rock Elementary School District shares their belief in every child and in their community

Learn more about the Tolleson Union High School District‘s Wolverine Basketball Legends induction below.

The end of the monthly Child Tax Credit payments is hitting families hard, The Annie E. Casey Foundation says.

Find out how to become a career and technical education teacher in Arizona during these upcoming sessions.

See what’s making some superintendents leave public schools.

Isaac School District celebrates board members during National School Board Recognition month.

Jan. 20, 2022

When she heard her students complain about Sweetwater Lake being purchased for private ownership, finalist Autumn Rivera and her class established a community fundraiser to purchase the land for public use. The lake eventually became a state park.

Aside from classroom excellence, these local leaders promoted life skills and lessons ranging from cultural identity and conservation efforts.

Due to the high demand for substitute teachers, Superintendent Yslas and others from the District Office are stepping in to fill the gaps. The shortage of substitute teachers has been felt across the nation as COVID-19 cases rise.

You’re not imagining it, your college tuition is getting pricier.

Students at Higley Traditional Academy contributed some of their hard-earned Halloween candy to Robison Orthodontics’ candy buy-back program which pays schools for their candy contributions.

Educations workers and students will receive COVID-19 benefits as part of The American Rescue Plan

Free events featuring educational crafts, free dental screenings, and giveaways for children 8 and under will be held from February to August.

Congratulations to the young artists who were selected for the Mayors Yong Arts Award!

Pursuing a career in education? Check out this local job fair in February.

It’s tax season and Mesa Public Schools has a friendly reminder that donations towards schools benefit students and lower your tax bill.

Overall, 63 percent of Americans are fully vaccinated. Among children 12 to 17, the rate is 54 percent, according to Lindsey Tanner of the Associated Press.

Confirmed cases of COVID-19 rose to 1,683,915 today in Arizona, up from 1,666,191 yesterday, and 25,429 people in Arizona have died from COVID-19 since the pandemic began.

In Maricopa County there are 1,071,176 confirmed cases of COVID-19, 209,201 in Pima County107,368 in Pinal County52,968 in Yuma County47,386 in Mohave County41,185 in Yavapai County36,318 in Coconino County, 32,154 in Navajo County24,292 in Cochise County18,477 in Apache County, 14,089 in Gila County, 13,111 in Santa Cruz County10,026 in Graham County4,289 in La Paz County and 1,874 in Greenlee County.

Jan. 18, 2022

Listen to a speech by the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. at Arizona State University’s Goodwin Stadium nearly 50 years ago that was found by a person who bought an audio tape reel at a thrift store several years ago.

It’s the only known recording of Dr. King’s speech, and it was restored by ASU’s archival department as well as another speech he made that day at Tanner Chapel AME Church. The link is included in the story below.

Phoenix Union High School District students receive letters saying they’re on track to be admitted to Arizona State University and to keep up their good work, in an effort to ensure more students are prepared to go to college.

Confirmed cases of COVID-19 rose to 1,645,694 today in Arizona, up from 1,621,858 yesterday, and 25,395 people in Arizona have died from COVID-19 since the pandemic began.

In Maricopa County there are 1,047617 confirmed cases of COVID-19, 204,501 in Pima County104,898 in Pinal County51,583 in Yuma County46,030 in Mohave County40,408 in Yavapai County35,135 in Coconino County, 31,529 in Navajo County23,384 in Cochise County18,194 in Apache County, 13,859 in Gila County, 12,745 in Santa Cruz County9,815 in Graham County4,2145 in La Paz County and 1,782 in Greenlee County.

Families seeking help for their children who are experiencing anxiety, stress and depression often find they may have to book an appointment one to four months from now and try to find other assistance before then.

The Arizona Senate and House Education Committee meetings start today at 2 p.m. and remote participation options have decreased as people who want to speak before the committees must now attend in person despite COVID cases remaining high in the area around the Capitol and in the state.

Tribal advocates told the Senate they overlooked a fundamental issue for expanding broadband infrastructure in Indian Country: Some tribes didn’t have the broadband connectivity to access the online application. Camila Pedrosa, Cronkite News reporter, reports on this issue.

Happy 100th day of school!

Arrowhead Elementary students had a wild visit today from Fragile Planet Wildlife Park.

Today concludes Ms. Cara’s 20-year long book-loving career.

Speaking of which, here is a list of book recommendations from Pima County Public Library.

Congratulations to Marissa Miranda for winning New Horizons’ annual, valley-wide high school art exhibition! Her award-winning photography will be on display at the Shemer Art Center.

As daily cases rise, ASU has reinstated its mandatory COVID-19 daily health checks.

Jan. 13, 2021

With some students returning to remote learning for the next week as COVID-19 cases surge, access to Internet service is key. See what the One Square Mile initiative is doing to reach its goal to provide access for 200 homes near Isaac Middle School.

High school students will have the option to design their own academic schedule at an upcoming Phoenix-based school. PXU City is expected to open for the 2022-23 school year as an innovative high school where students can take courses at times and locations that fit their schedules.

For COVID-19 testing and other needs, the Valle del Sol mobile Clinic will stop by Mesa Public Schools every other week.

Confirmed cases of COVID-19 rose to 1,542,936 today in Arizona, up from 1,524,363 yesterday, and 25,002 people in Arizona have died from COVID-19 since the pandemic began.

In Maricopa County there are 982,065 confirmed cases of COVID-19, 191,727 in Pima County97,878 in Pinal County47,851 in Yuma County42,924 in Mohave County38,885 in Yavapai County32,490 in Coconino County, 29,629 in Navajo County22,018 in Cochise County17,426 in Apache County, 13,254 in Gila County, 11,684 in Santa Cruz County9,449 in Graham County3,945 in La Paz County and 1,647 in Greenlee County.

Culinary Arts is one of Tempe High School’s many CTE programs.

Named after Krysten Muir, a kicker for the Marcos de Niza High School football team, this scholarship recognizes determined, resilient and impactful student-athletes.

Have an incoming kindergartener? Learn more about Higley Unified School District’s process and curriculum for your future scholars!

Educator Vivian Hunt shares her students’ first chemistry experiment!

Learn how to access evaluation and special education services for your child in one of Peoria Unified’s informational meetings.

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