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Sections    Tuesday March 28th, 2023

CSHS Chinese National Honor Society

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  • Julia Scotto   |   Cave Creek Unified School District

1 – Principal Vining Giving Awards

Leave it to a group of world language students from Cactus Shadows High School to find a way to celebrate the beautiful world we live in during this  pandemic? The Cactus Shadows High School Chinese National Honor Society hosted a global photo competition for students and staff that had over 40 submissions. The theme, “The World is Big so Dream Big!” resonated with many that have been without travel during this pandemic and was a reminder that the big beautiful world is still out there waiting for us to explore.

For those that didn’t have travel photos, there was a category to post a photo of a university in another country as a way to help students realize there are so many opportunities waiting. Principal Tony Vining and support staff celebrated the following winners by having an awards ceremony and taking… yes, more photos!

“This was a great way to bring all of our world language students and staff together,” said Principal Vining. “The murals made by the students will be a reminder that we all live in this big, beautiful world and that soon we will be able to enjoy all of it again.”

The first-place winner was Adam Schwartz. The second-place winners were Lauren Anderson as well as Dennis and Irene O’Hare. The third-place winners were Logan Crist, Seth Schnek, and Kyra Wiese. All participants got a Chinese style souvenir. Mr. Vining also recognized the Chinese Honor Society seniors for their excellent job for learning and sharing Chinese language and cultures.