Sections    Friday March 22nd, 2019
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Coyote Ridge students create sidewalk poetry

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  • Jim Cummings/Glendale Elementary School District

Click Here To Watch Video Of Coyote Ridge Students Writing Sidewalk Poetry

At the Glendale Elementary School District, we’re different, we’re proud of it, and we want people to know it.

Check out this unique way of approaching sixth graders about poetry from Coyote Ridge Elementary School teacher Sheila Rowe.

“I started this my first year of teaching as a way to get kids more invested,” Rowe said. “I think it’s a very creative project and they get to explore a lot of emotions and a lot of their interests and they have that freedom that they don’t necessarily get with other types of writing.”

One student said she thought at first it was just another type of homework.

“Then I really wanted to write more about it,” she said. “I thought I was writing for someone else, but in reality I was writing for myself.”

The students also get to see people’s reaction to their work.

“Being able to publish that and have other members of their school community and the larger community come and view that is a great way for their voice to be heard,” Rowe said.

Another student said that when he doesn’t feel like he can express what he’s going through,  he “can just take out a piece of paper and start writing.”

Exceptional poetry comes from “being brave and being willing to put forward feelings, and that is risky,” Rowe said.

“I felt I was free to write whatever I could and no one could judge me for it,” a student said about the lesson.

“I have kids that come back every year saying it was their favorite unit and that they they learned more about themselves than with any other lesson in class,” Rowe said.