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How students engage with Inauguration Day

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Updated Jan. 20, 2021: Students learning on campus today likely watched President Joe Biden’s inauguration in class and took part in civic lessons.

CNN’s Assistant Managing Editor of the National Culture, Trends & Enterprise team, Saeed Ahmed, shares 11 ways kids can still take part in inauguration day when they are learning from home.

Dr. Jill Biden announced this morning that for the first time ever there will be a special live broadcast of the Inauguration made especially for students and families.

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Photo by Andy Feliciotti on Unsplash

Avondale Elementary School District is finding new ways to engage students and their families.

Confirmed COVID-19 cases in Arizona rose to 690,544 today from 685,699 yesterday, and 11,528 have died from the virus, said the Arizona Department of Health Services.

In Maricopa County, there are 428,624 confirmed cases of COVID-19, 92,519 in Pima County, 37,762 in Pinal County, 33,567 in Yuma County, 16,979 in Mohave County, 15,106 in Yavapai County, 13,624 in Navajo County, 14,224 in Coconino County, 9,750 in Cochise County, 8,727 in Apache County, 7,134 in Santa Cruz County, 5,474 in Gila County, 4,493 in Graham County, 2,066 in La Paz County and 495 in Greenlee County.

Interactive Graphic: (Hover over counties and boxes for more info)


Updated Jan. 19, 2021: The Arizona Legislature‘s House Education Committee passed HB 2015 today, which appropriates from the state general fund to the Arizona Department of Education amounts in fiscal years 2021 to 2023 to distribute in preschool development grants to eligible providers to replace federal monies no longer available to providers who participated in the grants program in fiscal years 2018 and 2019.

The bill, sponsored by Rep. Lorenzo Sierra, would appropriate $7.5 million in fiscal year 2021-22, $15 million in fiscal year 2022-23, and $22.5 million in fiscal year 2023-24.

To be eligible for the grants, providers must use an evidence‑based curriculum that has a clear scope and sequence and an explicit focus on coaching to assist teachers with curriculum implementation.

Starting on Jan. 1, 2023, the Arizona Department of Education shall evaluate the use of the preschool development grant monies by the eligible providers, including an analysis of child outcome gains associated with the preschool development grants. 

In addition, the Arizona Department of Education shall submit a report on the evaluation on or before Jan. 31, 2024 to the Governor, the Speaker of the Arizona Legislatures’ House of Representatives, the President of the Arizona Senate and the Secretary of State.

The bill will be heard tomorrow in the House Appropriations Committee.

For more information on education bills going through the Arizona Legislature, please sign up here for Daily In-Session Updates from Arizona School Boards Association‘s Governmental Relations team.

Confirmed COVID-19 cases in Arizona rose to 685,699 today from 679,282 yesterday, and 11,266 have died from the virus, said the Arizona Department of Health Services.

In Maricopa County, there are 425,844 confirmed cases of COVID-19, 91,740 in Pima County, 37,135 in Pinal County, 33,447 in Yuma County, 16,899 in Mohave County, 14,989 in Yavapai County, 13,548 in Navajo County, 14,196 in Coconino County, 9,691 in Cochise County, 8,705 in Apache County, 7,104 in Santa Cruz County, 5,448 in Gila County, 4,417 in Graham County, 2,049 in La Paz County and 487 in Greenlee County.

Arizona State University shares the Black Lives Matter digital resource guide they’ve developed focused on the Black Lives Matter movement, justice and equity, and the online collection includes of literaturepodcast episodesacademic coursespolice violence data, and archival information that is continuously updated, Cronkite News reports. Read more about it in the post below.

The AIA winter high school sports season has started.

Here are some ideas for kids to enjoy science at home and away from computer screens.

A bill sponsored by Arizona House of Representatives Rep. John Fillmore would remove the requirement for children to be immunized to attend school.

Take a look at some ways these students celebrated their 100th day of school.

Reflecting on your work with other teachers can help you both become better educators, reports edutopia.

Maricopa County Schools Supt. Steve Watson handed out re-useable masks to students on their first day back at Deer Valley Unified School District’s Village Meadows School today.

University of Arizona will lead a mission to buld a telescope that will help researchers view galaxy processes that have remained hidden from view until now.

Vail School District Pre-K through 8 students will return to hybrid instruction on Jan. 25.

Is it time to consider removing metal detectors from schools?

Teachers take time to apply for Desert Financial Credit Union‘s Adopt-a-Teacher program for classroom supplies.

Make sure students know their role in influencing their elected leaders.

Scottsdale Community College and South Mountain Community College are looking for students to join their esports team that play the following games.

Updated Jan. 15, 2021: School districts around the state held events honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.‘s contributions to the Civil Rights Movement today, and many like Tucson Unified School District are getting the word out about virtual and in-person events this weekend before the MLK Day Holiday on Monday, Jan. 18.

President-elect Joe Biden’s inaugural committee is also inviting Americans to take part in the National MLK Day of Service and a celebration that evening.

If you’re looking for in-person and virtual events and service opportunities to celebrate the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday and National Day of Service in the Metro Phoenix area, please click here and in the Twitter post below.

Community leaders across the Metro Phoenix area reflect on the impact of Dr. King’s ” I Have a Dream” speech and look to the future.

Looking for another way to celebrate culture and diversity? Several Metro Phoenix area cities and towns are encouraging residents to visit outdoor art works that celebrate diversity. They also have included information about nearby restaurants owned by people of color with carryout services. Click below for more info.

Confirmed COVID-19 cases in Arizona rose to 658,186 today from 649,040 yesterday, and 11,040 have died from the virus, said the Arizona Department of Health Services.

In Maricopa County, there are 407,631 confirmed cases of COVID-19, 87,687 in Pima County, 36,122 in Pinal County, 32,349 in Yuma County, 16,397 in Mohave County, 14,398 in Yavapai County, 13,090 in Navajo County, 13,616 in Coconino County, 9,444 in Cochise County, 8,482 in Apache County, 6,950 in Santa Cruz County, 5,306 in Gila County, 4,276 in Graham County, 1,967 in La Paz County and 471 in Greenlee County.

Teachers, take a look at these warm-up activities for middle school students to strengthen their understanding of prior grade topics, courtesy of Achieve the Core.

Find out how Junior Achievement Arizona is reaching out to students whether they’re learning in-person or online.

See how school leaders can remove racial disparities in school discipline, courtesy of The Education Trust.

Updated Jan. 14, 2021: School districts reassess their instruction models as more school staff and other Arizonans start to receive COVID-19 vaccinations.

Chandler Unified School District‘s Governing Board voted last night to return to in-person classes starting on Jan. 19, although public health metrics indicate substantial spread in the community. The board also added additional staff to provide virtual instruction for families who prefer that for their students.

Peoria Unified School District‘s Governing board decided last night to continue in-person learning and discussed mitigation measures in place as well as more ways to prevent the spread of COVID-19 including smaller class sizes and making it easier for families to switch between virtual and in-person learning.

Confirmed COVID-19 cases in Arizona rose to 649,040 today from 641,729 yesterday, and 10,855 have died from the virus, said the Arizona Department of Health Services.

In Maricopa County, there are 401,855 confirmed cases of COVID-19, 86,345 in Pima County, 35,550 in Pinal County, 31,958 in Yuma County, 16,287 in Mohave County, 14,170 in Yavapai County, 12,942 in Navajo County, 13,420 in Coconino County, 9,380 in Cochise County, 8,410 in Apache County, 6,866 in Santa Cruz County, 5,217 in Gila County, 4,235 in Graham County, 1,935 in La Paz County and 468 in Greenlee County.

Queen Creek Unified students start their spelling bee today.

School policies can hurt children with mental health issues instead of helping them, Annie E. Casey Foundation says.

Seven public district and charter schools are launching small learning communities that will receive Expansion & Innovation Fund grants, A for Arizona says.

Copper Canyon teacher Henderika TeNuyl received a Touchdown for Teachers grant, Tolleson Union High School District reports.

A positive school culture is key to retaining great teachers, says Maricopa County School Supt. Steve Watson.

Liberty High School’s Choir Director visits elementary schools to meet future freshman and tell them about choir opportunities.

Bridging the digital divide helps mitigate learning loss, National School Boards Association says.

Santa Cruz Valley Unified School District No. 35 celebrates a Rio Rico High School senior who serves as a Gear Up mentor.

Arizona State University‘s Dr. Carole Basile says COVID-19 has shows how the inequity caused by children’s social networks impacts their learning.

Deer Valley Unified teachers examine ways to close the learning gap.

Glendale Elementary School District is thankful for students, teachers and staff showing their school spirit.

Updated Jan. 13, 2021: School districts are reassessing when they’ll return to in-person instruction as teachers, school staff and more Arizonans start receiving COVID-19 vaccinations.

Apache Junction Unified School District Governing Board voted 5-0 Tuesday night for schools to return to in-person learning on Monday, March 22, saying that by then many people may have received a COVID-19 vaccination.

Parents still will have the option of their children being taught online.

Apache Junction Governing Board president Dena Kimble cited the availability of COVID-19 vaccinations as a reason to return to the in-person learning model.

“Hopefully everybody will be vaccinated, the district should be ready, everybody should be ready,” Kimble said.

The Governing Board chose March 22 in part because that date will give teachers the next three weeks to be vaccinated, receive their second shot either 21 or 28 days later, dependent on whether they received the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, and then two more weeks for the shots to be completely effective. AJUSD will then go on spring break March 8 through March 19.

“I think there’s a definite benefit to having a set date coming back,” board member Bobby Bauders said. “I don’t want students jumping back and forth between virtual and in person.”

Confirmed COVID-19 cases in Arizona rose to 641,729 today from 636,100 yesterday, and 10,673 have died from the virus, said the Arizona Department of Health Services.

In Maricopa County, there are 397,208 confirmed cases of COVID-19, 85,256 in Pima County, 35,041 in Pinal County, 31,789 in Yuma County, 16,080 in Mohave County, 13,962 in Yavapai County, 12,894 in Navajo County, 13,192 in Coconino County, 9,344 in Cochise County, 8,376 in Apache County, 6,807 in Santa Cruz County, 5,203 in Gila County, 4,202 in Graham County, 1,905 in La Paz County and 468 in Greenlee County.

The. U.S. Supreme Court may hear a case about school discipline and students’ off-campus speech in a case about a high school cheerleader removed from the team after posting profanities and an offensive image on SnapChat.

Phoenix Union High School District Supt. Dr. Chad Gestson spoke today with teachers and certified staff about virtual learning, COVID-19 vaccinations and the district’s future.

Learn more about training for high-demand information technology careers at Scottsdale Community College.

Hassayampa Elementary and Vulture Peak Middle School students receive face masks from the Maricopa County Education Service Agency today.

Hear more about how the teens at Teen Lifeline help other teens dealing with tough issues in this series on suicide by Cronkite News.

East Valley Institute of Technology invites you to learn more about their 40 career training programs.

University of Arizona starts its spring semester today with changes due to COVID-19, 12 News reports.

Updated Jan. 12, 2021: The Arizona Interscholastic Association voted today to move forward with the start of winter sports on Jan. 18, after initially cancelling them last week.

Confirmed COVID-19 cases in Arizona rose to 636,100 today from 627,541 yesterday, and 10,482 have died from the virus, said the Arizona Department of Health Services.

In Maricopa County, there are 393,732 confirmed cases of COVID-19, 84,426 in Pima County, 34,653 in Pinal County, 31,658 in Yuma County, 15,790 in Mohave County, 13,854 in Yavapai County, 12,854 in Navajo County, 13,089 in Coconino County, 9,232 in Cochise County, 8,355 in Apache County, 6,790 in Santa Cruz County, 5,147 in Gila County, 4,170 in Graham County, 1,885 in La Paz County and 464 in Greenlee County.

With tribal elders dying from COVID-19 a cultural crisis is developing, reports The New York Times.

Supt. of Public Instruction Kathy Hoffman says the “overall tone of the State of the State was disrespectful towards our teachers,” to KJZZ 91.5 FM.

City of Mesa proclaims January 2021 at Speak Up, Stand Up, Save a Life month.

Click here for more info on Speak Up, Stand Up, Save a Life

Tucson’s Audrey Jimenez returns to the mat Wednesday to compete against a top-ranked teen wrestler.

This round of CARES Act funding for schools may be more inequitable than the last, Chalkbeat reports.

It’s time to register students for Kindergarten for next school year, Tempe Elementary reminds families.

Updated Jan. 11, 2021: COVID-19 vaccinations started today for people in the 1B priority group, which includes teachers, K-12 school staff, childcare providers, law enforcement, protective services and people over 75 years old.

Vaccinations are by appointment only, and links to register are at and county public health websites.

Earlier today it was difficult to make appointments, but the websites are working better now.

If you do not have computer access to register for the COVID-19 vaccine or need extra help to register, Arizona Department of Health Services asks you to please call 1-844-542-8201.

Confirmed COVID-19 cases in Arizona rose to 627,541 today from 618,546 yesterday, and 10,147 have died from the virus, said the Arizona Department of Health Services.

In Maricopa County, there are 388,518 confirmed cases of COVID-19, 83,386 in Pima County, 33,638 in Pinal County, 31,501 in Yuma County, 15,595 in Mohave County, 13,724 in Yavapai County, 12,675 in Navajo County, 12,996 in Coconino County, 8,969 in Cochise County, 8,309 in Apache County, 6,716 in Santa Cruz County, 5,098 in Gila County, 4,071 in Graham County, 1,880 in La Paz County and 465 in Greenlee County.

Gov. Doug Ducey said in State of the State today that with health officials saying the safest place for students is in school, “we will not be funding empty seats or allowing schools to remain in a perpetual state of closure.”

Click here for State of the State coverage

Ideas on how leaders can help kids and families during the COVID-19 pandemic, courtesy of the Annie E. Casey Foundation.

Arizona Interscholastic Association will meet after a backlash over their decision to cancel high school winter sports, The Arizona Republic reports.

Eradicating inequities in early learning is essential to making progress towards racial equity, The Education Trust says.

An Arizona State University student-produced documentary on the youth suicide epidemic airs tomorrow at 6:30 p.m. on most Arizona television stations.

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